"I bought a sugilite bracelet from Yoho. Every morning, my hands felt very stiff and a bit painful. After wearing the sugilite for about a week, my hands became much more flexible in the morning, and the pain decreased. I realized how powerful the energy of sugilite truly is. Now, I wear it to work every day."
Miss Guan
"A friend recommended I visit the crystal shop in Prince Edward. I had never worn crystals before, and recently my work hasn't been going well, so I thought I'd give it a try. The staff introduced several options to me, but I was particularly drawn to the purple titanium quartz and chose it quickly. After wearing it for a while, I felt that many things at work started to go smoothly, and my relationship with my boss became closer. I feel much more relaxed overall. 👍🏻"
"Recently, I noticed that my mom has been getting sick a lot and doesn't seem as healthy as she used to be. One day, we went shopping and saw a crystal shop, so we went in. I wanted to see if there were any health crystals suitable for my mom. After the salesperson's recommendation, I bought a sugilite bracelet for my mom. I hoped it would help her regain vitality both physically and mentally. Unconsciously, my mom has been wearing it for almost a month, and I've seen her go from being frequently ill and lacking energy to being energetic and having fewer ailments. Seeing her improvement makes me very happy. Thanks to the professional advice from Crystale's staff, thank you all."
Miss Wu
"Recently, I've been feeling down and getting angry easily, often arguing with my husband over small things. After work, I prefer not to go home too early and would rather stroll around the mall to relax. One day, I happened to pass by the Wan Chai branch and was attracted by a moonstone bracelet in the window. The sales assistant told me that moonstone can make people gentle, relieve stress, and reduce friction in relationships, making couples more harmonious. Her words resonated with me, and I became very interested, wondering if there was something special about it that made me encounter it. So, I bought the bracelet and took it home. Whether it was psychological or the effect of the moonstone, after wearing it, I seemed to feel much calmer, less irritable, and no longer fixated on trivial matters. My relationship with my husband also improved significantly. The effects of moonstone are truly amazing!"
"I really have to give you a good review! 👍🏻 I run an online business, and ever since the reopening, business has been just so-so. I went to your Causeway Bay store, and the staff recommended that I buy a Golden rutilated quartz bracelet. After wearing it for a little over a month, my business has really improved a lot recently. I immediately told my friends that they must shop at your store and get a Golden rutilated quartz bracelet too! 😂"
Miss Cheung
"One day, I passed by the Crystale crystal shop and was deeply attracted by the purple lepidolite in the window. After learning about its benefits from the store staff, I didn't hesitate and immediately bought it. After wearing it for about two months, I didn't notice much at first, but gradually, I found myself feeling happier than before, no longer experiencing the melancholy I had before wearing it. During a gathering with friends, they all commented that I seemed different, much more cheerful and even looking better. They kept asking me what I had done to change so much. I believe the purple lepidolite helped improve my energy field, making me feel more cheerful and improving my sleep quality. Thanks to the Crystale staff."
Miss Kwong
"I've always been into spiritual practices, but for a while, I felt my thoughts were easily disturbed. A friend recommended a crystal shop at Yoho, so I decided to visit during my holiday. There, a staff member suggested that I might need to unblock my chakras and mentioned that purple lepidolite could help with that and benefit my spiritual practice. When I got home, I tried meditating and found that I could quickly get into the state, which felt very different from before. After the meditation, I felt more energetic and clearer in my tasks. I'm planning to buy selenite next time to further enhance my spiritual practice."
Miss Lee
"I usually like betting on horse races and heard that wealth stones are effective, so I asked a familiar sales associate about it when I went to cleanse my crystals. They shared some user experiences, so I decided to give it a try. After betting on horse races twice, it turned out to be quite impressive. Later, I tried wearing it together with citrine, and the effect was even more remarkable. I had a big win!"
Mr. Yeung
"I saw the crystal introductions and many real-life stories on the CRYSTALE website, so one day I finally visited your Causeway Bay store to look at crystals. I wanted to improve my health and get rid of negative energy, but I've always loved tiger's eye. When I got to the store, there were so many beautiful tiger's eye stones that it was hard to choose. After a detailed introduction from the staff, I finally bought a tiger's eye bracelet. The moment I picked it up, I could feel its strong energy, and my hand even trembled a bit. After wearing it for just two or three days, I felt that my constant body aches seemed less severe, I felt more energetic, and my mind was clearer. It was so amazing that when I went back to the store to cleanse my crystals, I immediately shared my real experience with the staff."
Mr. Tang
"I work in transportation and moving, and I'm often sore and easily get injured. My wife brought a piece of Herkimer diamond rough and said it could relieve pain. At first, I didn't believe it and even joked with her, saying how could a piece of crystal relieve pain? Then my wife directly used the Herkimer diamond to make circles on my shoulders and waist. Wow! Believe it or not, it was strange—I could feel a slight electric current passing through the areas she was circling. After a while, the soreness was really gone, and I felt more energetic and less easily fatigued. My wife and I went to Crystale to buy a Herkimer diamond bracelet, and the Crystale staff told me that it could purify the body, unblock body chakras, relieve swelling and pain, and act like a battery to make people feel energized and full of strength. They also recommended I pair it with a green moldavite pendant. After wearing it for a while, even after a whole day of moving, I didn't feel as tired, and my overall physical and mental condition improved significantly. Plus, I even got a raise. Thanks to Crystale and the professional Crystale staff."
Mr. Lou
"I work in the accounting industry, and recently, the company's business hasn't been doing well, with rumors of staff layoffs. I was feeling a bit uneasy. One day, I happened to pass by the Wan Chai branch and mentioned my situation to the staff there. She suggested that I wear a green rutilated quartz bracelet to boost my aura, stimulate motivation, and help me stay positive. So, I picked a cat's eye green rutilated quartz bracelet. After wearing it for just two days, my boss unexpectedly called me into his office to discuss my future career development. He found out that I was still continuing my studies and even praised me by name in front of my colleagues, which made me feel very honored! I don't know if it's the effect of the green rutilated quartz, but it certainly brought about something unexpected!"
"I work in customer service, and because I often have to deal with clients, sometimes their unreasonable behavior affects my mood and creates negative emotions. One day, I decided to go out and relax on my day off and happened to see a crystal shop, so I went in. After a recommendation from the Crystale staff, I bought a Kunzite bracelet. After wearing it for about a week, I noticed that I wasn't thinking negatively as much, and it really helped regulate my emotions. Now I feel much more relaxed and happier. Even when dealing with unreasonable clients, it seems like the lepidolite helps me quickly dispel those feelings. It's quite amazing. Thanks to Crystale for their professional advice."
Miss Cheung
"One day, someone passed by YOHO and came in to ask if we had anything that could help an elderly person who frequently coughs, has thick phlegm, and doesn't sleep well. They wanted to buy something for their mother. I recommended amber and beeswax amber to them. They liked the colors very much and bought a 9mm amber bracelet for their mother. Last week, they came back to YOHO while shopping and mentioned that their mother still has a bit of a cough, but her sleep has improved, and her phlegm is less thick. They said they would buy other crystals next time for a combination and are currently continuing to observe the effects over time."
Mr. Chan
"I passed by the Prince Edward branch and wanted to check out black rutilated quartz. I saw the golden strands shimmering beautifully, so I bought it! After using it for about two weeks, a project I was working on, which had some obstacles that couldn't be resolved, recently received unexpected assistance, allowing the work to be completed smoothly. It turns out that black crystals can help make everything go more smoothly."
Miss Lee
"Ever since I bought and started wearing this green phantom crystal, I've been extremely busy. Just two days after wearing it, I could feel its strong energy. Every time I wear it to work, I stay busy all day. Although sometimes I'm really exhausted and often have to work overtime, seeing my paycheck makes it all worthwhile. Since wearing the green phantom crystal, my performance has improved significantly, and my income has increased. I really like this green phantom crystal. Thanks to it for bringing me good luck and helping me at work."
Miss Keung
"I read online that rainbow tourmaline is great for attracting wealth, so I went to the Prince Edward branch to take a look. I was immediately captivated by its colors. After listening to the staff's explanation, the more I heard, the more I felt it suited me. After wearing it for a while, I started to see some returns. I usually bet on horses occasionally, and this time I won several tens of thousands of dollars, which is the most I've ever won."
"My son has had severe nasal allergies since he was little, and possibly due to the interconnectedness of the ear, nose, and throat, his throat often gets inflamed, and he hasn't been in good health. One time, I passed by Crystale in Yau Ma Tei, and the staff recommended a lapis lazuli bracelet. After he started wearing it, his nasal allergies improved significantly, and the frequency of throat inflammation also decreased."
Mrs Lee
"I don't usually like wearing jewelry, but one day, I passed by the Crystale shop in Wan Chai with my mom. We went in to ask if they could help restring her jade bead necklace and took the opportunity to look around. The staff explained the quality and benefits of my mom's jade necklace in detail and then showed us a Nephrite bracelet. Initially, I thought it looked a bit old-fashioned, but after trying it on, it felt pretty good. The deep green color grew on me, and I learned that it has benefits like nourishing the internal organs and boosting the immune system. Although I wasn't too convinced, there was a half-price promotion, so I decided to buy it and try wearing it. A few months have passed, and I've noticed that the Nephrite looks more lustrous the more I wear it, and my sleep quality has improved. When Mother's Day came around, I bought another one for my mom, and she was so happy!"
"Before the Lunar New Year, my wife learned that I would be facing a challenging year according to Chinese astrology. On the recommendation of a staff member at the Yoho branch, she bought me a Gibeon Meteorite Star of David pendant. Since I work in the transportation industry and drive a lot, this was a thoughtful gift. Just last week, I narrowly avoided a traffic accident. It felt like some kind of force helped me avoid it. Thanks to Gibeon Meteorite and the Crystale staff for introducing it to us."
Mr. Tang
"My son is very energetic and hyperactive, and I often feel exhausted when he does his homework. It used to take hours, and he got distracted easily. I heard that clear quartz can help people focus and improve memory, so I decided to give it a try. The staff at the shop recommended that I buy a clear quartz pillar and place it on his desk. After placing it on the desk for about two weeks, I noticed that my son's efficiency in doing homework improved significantly. He no longer runs around as much as he used to and can sit still for much longer. This has made things a lot easier for me, and my temper has also improved."
Mrs Wong
"I've always worn sugilite for health benefits and have researched a lot about it, so I'm very sure of its powerful healing properties. Recently, my elderly dog was diagnosed with a liver tumor. The condition was so severe that I had to be prepared for the worst. My dog had no strength and couldn't even move, which was heartbreaking. Of course, I didn't want to do nothing, so I immediately bought a raw sugilite stone to help treat my dog. I placed the sugilite on his liver area for half a day every day. It might sound exaggerated, but after this daily treatment for two weeks, my dog went from not wanting to eat or move to being able to stand up, walk around, and eat on his own. We haven't had to go back to the vet since! In his remaining days, I just hope he can live comfortably without suffering. I can feel that the help from the sugilite was more suitable for him than the vet's diagnosis.
"One day, on my way home, I discovered a crystal shop. I wasn't in a good mood at the time because I often argued with my family and couldn't help but lose my temper. So, I decided to go in and ask which crystals would be suitable for me. After the staff's explanation, I decided to buy a moonstone bracelet. Although my relationship with my family didn't become super close overnight, I really felt that my temper became less volatile and I wasn't as easily irritated. We've had fewer arguments as a result. 😆"
Ms Lo
"One time, I went to your crystal shop intending to replace the string on my bracelet, and I accidentally came across this gold rutilated quartz Pixiu. It really attracted me, almost as if it was calling me to take it home. I’ve always relied on intuition when buying crystals, so I brought it home. Following the staff’s suggestion, I placed it in the wealth corner and didn't move it. After a few months, out of the blue, my boss gave me a raise. Ever since I placed the Pixiu at home, it has truly helped me earn more money. I'm very happy! 😄"
Miss Kwan
"I have rheumatoid arthritis, and although it was stable with medication, I unfortunately contracted COVID-19, and after recovering, my rheumatoid arthritis flared up again, causing a lot of distress. A friend mentioned that crystals could help alleviate the condition, so I went to the store and purchased a black tourmaline bracelet. The staff recommended adding a piece of Gibeon Meterite to enhance its energy. After wearing it for over a month, my condition gradually improved, and the frequency of joint pain reduced. I also felt less tired and much more energetic, which has significantly lifted my mood! I plan to buy other bracelets with different functions to help with various needs in the future!"
Miss Wong
"Since I was young, my ability to express myself has not been very good. I often fail to convey my thoughts clearly and inadvertently offend many people. I didn't take this issue seriously until I started working and realized its severity. One day, I accompanied a friend to the Crystale store in Yau Ma Tei to cleanse their bracelet. The staff recommended that I wear an aquamarine bracelet, as aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra among the body's seven chakras. It can enhance one's ability to express, articulate, and comprehend. Since my job requires communication with clients, after wearing the bracelet, my ability to express myself and my persuasiveness have significantly improved. It has been a great help to me."
"I am a secondary school student, and the pressure from school has made me very emotional, often causing me to lose my temper with my family. Every day after school, I pass by a Crystale crystal shop in Wan Chai and am always attracted to a moonstone bracelet in the window, but I never dared to go in. One day, the staff introduced me to the benefits of moonstone, which were exactly what I needed to improve. After wearing it for a while, even my mom noticed that I was losing my temper less often, and our relationship has improved a lot. My mom even accompanied me to Crystale to thank the staff and bought another bracelet for herself! I have recommended the shop to my classmates, hoping it can help others too!"
"Recently, I've been having strange dreams and not sleeping well, waking up frequently. I've also been having very negative thoughts. On a friend's recommendation, I went to the Crystale crystal shop and bought a black obsidian sphere. The staff suggested I place it in my bedroom, so I did for a few days. Surprisingly, I've been sleeping much better, having fewer dreams, and waking up feeling refreshed. My mood has also improved a lot. I didn't expect it to work so well!"
"I was looking for a crystal to improve my health and one day went into Crystale at Yoho Mall in Yuen Long. While chatting with the sales lady, I mentioned that I had high blood pressure. She recommended that I wear a lapis lazuli bracelet. Amazingly, after wearing it for about two months, I went for a medical check-up and found that my blood pressure had returned to normal levels. I'm so happy! Thank you so much to the sales lady for recommending this crystal to me!"
"My younger sister has been feeling down due to work pressure and doesn't have any experience wearing crystals. We visited the Yau Ma Tei branch, and the staff recommended that she wear aquamarine and rose quartz. Aquamarine can relieve stress, while rose quartz can make one happier and attract good relationships. After wearing them for just over a week, I saw her mood improve noticeably. She told me that her relationships with her boss and colleagues have become more harmonious, her work has been smoother, and more clients have been seeking her out."
"I've been single for over three years, and due to my work, it's been hard to meet new people. A friend recommended Crystale to me, so I decided to give it a try and see if I could find a crystal that suits me. At Crystale, they introduced me to a bracelet with 'Super Seven' and 'Rhodochrosite,' saying that this combination is the best for attracting a relationship. So, I decided to give it a try. Amazingly, after just about two weeks of wearing it, I met my current boyfriend through a friend's introduction. This miracle made me a firm believer in the power of crystals. Thank you, Crystale, for helping me solve my problem."
"Last year, after being laid off from my old job, I couldn't find a new one. Even when I did find work, it never seemed to suit me. After wearing a green rutilated quartz bracelet for about a month, I found my current job. The work environment, job nature, and salary all perfectly match my expectations."
Miss Lee
"Because my mother has entered menopause, she often experiences sudden night sweats, insomnia, irritability, and general discomfort, which has made the household atmosphere quite tense. I would try to come home late every day to avoid conflicts. The store staff suggested that my mother wear garnet, which can promote blood circulation and hormone secretion, enhance vitality, improve complexion, regulate the endocrine system, and help with gynecological issues. So, I bought a Garnet bracelet for her. After a little over a month, her symptoms improved significantly. She became noticeably more energetic and her mood brightened. The atmosphere at home has also become much more harmonious, and now I can come home earlier every day!"
Miss Yu
"Recently, a friend told me that Ammolite is great for attracting wealth, so I decided to learn more about it. I was immediately captivated by its colors when I saw it in person. The store staff shared many stories with me, and the more I listened, the more I felt it was perfect for me (since I invest and gamble a bit). After wearing it for a while, I started to see some returns. Seeing how well it worked, I decided to test it in Macau. Believe it or not, I won tens of thousands of dollars! 💰💰💰"
Mr. Chan
"Before the New Year, I faced some obstacles at work, and my salary increase percentage was not as expected, which made me feel really down. While walking past Crystale in Yau Ma Tei, I was attracted by a Sunstone bracelet. After the staff explained its benefits, I realized it was exactly what I needed. It felt like the Sunstone was calling me into the store. After wearing the Sunstone bracelet for less than a month, work started to go more smoothly. My colleagues and I worked well together, and the company's business improved. Suddenly, the salary adjustment was revised, and now my salary increase percentage is much better than I imagined. Every day, I feel happy and energized."
Miss Chan
"After breaking up with my boyfriend, I was feeling very down and even suspected that I was depressed, as I often cried for no reason. The store staff introduced me to the benefits of moonstone, so I decided to give it a try and bought one. After some time, I suddenly received a WhatsApp message from my ex-boyfriend wanting to meet up. I was very surprised and couldn't believe how effective it was!"
Miss Ho
"I work in a hospital and had never worn crystals before. One day, while shopping, I happened to pass by the Yoho store and decided to go in and take a look. After chatting with the store staff, they learned that I work in healthcare and recommended Black Tourmaline with Gibeon Meteorite. Because I work in shifts, I sometimes feel a strange sensation (a chill in the air) when coming home late at night. But since wearing this Black Tourmaline with Gibeon Meteorite, whether it's psychological or actually protecting me, that strange feeling has disappeared. I later returned to the store to buy Black Rutilated Quartz and Gold Sheen Obsidian, and my sleep quality has improved. Wearing these crystals makes me feel very comfortable."
Sure, here is the revised text with the crystal names capitalized: "One day, while talking about crystals with a friend, they recommended that I visit Crystale. After getting some advice from the staff, I chose a Green Rutilated Quartz bracelet. The staff mentioned that Green Rutilated Quartz can help me succeed at work and even increase my chances of promotion and a salary raise. Amazingly, two weeks after wearing it, I received a promotion letter from my boss, who also praised my recent work efficiency. I'm very happy and believe that the energy of the Green Rutilated Quartz helped me!"
Miss Lai
"For the past six years, I haven't had any serious relationships, and my social life has been quite average. Hoping to use the energy of crystals to improve my romantic and social luck, a friend recommended visiting the Tseung Kwan O branch to choose a crystal. The staff introduced me to a Seven Star Array ornament. After placing it for a while, I noticed a significant improvement in my social interactions and had more interactions with my colleagues. Recently, I also met a girlfriend who I get along with very well. I'm really happy and feel that crystals are truly magical."
"I have been using Herkimer Diamond for purification, and when I saw the New Year discount, I decided to buy a few more pieces. While chatting with the staff, I learned that besides purification, it has many other benefits that are perfect for me. The best part is that it can be worn while sleeping, as I usually have poor sleep quality and often have dreams, sometimes waking up feeling like I haven't slept at all. After using it for a few days, I felt noticeably more energetic, and even my husband said that I sleep more soundly now, without waking up as frequently as before. 😁"
"One morning, as usual, I slept until the last minute before getting up, washing, and getting ready to head out for work. That day, I felt something was off, so before leaving, I put on the Obsidian bracelet I had bought earlier. While passing by the park downstairs, I suddenly had a stomach ache and rushed to a nearby public restroom, thinking I would definitely miss my bus and be late, which would surely get me in trouble with my boss! As I was washing my hands and getting ready to leave, the Obsidian bracelet broke, and the beads scattered everywhere. I quickly picked them up and hurried out. While waiting for the next bus at the station, I was idly scrolling through my phone when a traffic alert popped up. It said that there had just been an accident on Castle Peak Road, which I travel on every day, and the traffic was heavily congested. I don't know if it was the Obsidian protecting me or just fate, but I was lucky not to have caught that bus!"
"Recently, I've been in a somewhat ambiguous relationship and wanted to move it forward. So, I went to the Prince Edward store to look at Rhodochrosite. I found one that gave me a strong feeling, and I quickly decided to buy it. The moment I made the decision, something magical happened—the guy suddenly sent me a WhatsApp message. Haha... even the sales assistant joked about how quickly it worked. We joked that if he asked me out for dinner, it would be real. After making a wish with the Rhodochrosite and immediately wearing it, the guy actually asked me out for dinner! Soon after, he confessed his feelings for me. However, I unexpectedly discovered that he was a big cheater in relationships. I'm incredibly grateful because my Rhodochrosite was really powerful—it helped me avoid a bad relationship right away. So, I just had to share this experience with everyone."
Miss Tsang
"I had always wanted to find a crystal that could improve my social interactions. When I visited Crystale, the female sales assistant recommended that I wear a Morganite bracelet. After wearing it for a week, I noticed that I became more cheerful and enjoyed talking to people more. I never thought a crystal could have such an effect! I'm really thankful for the sales assistant's recommendation!"
"At the start of the new year, I was having a streak of bad luck, with troublemakers causing problems around me and everything not going smoothly. I read online that my zodiac sign is clashing with Tai Sui this year, leading to more trouble and gossip. So, I went to a crystal shop to see what I could wear to protect myself. The staff recommended a Black Rutilated Quartz bracelet to ward off troublemakers. I bought it and wore it immediately. After about half a month, it seems like I've encountered fewer troubles. I really hope this year will pass peacefully and more smoothly."
Miss Lee
"One day, while walking down the street, I noticed that my crystal bracelet had broken. Passing by the CRYSTALE store in Yoho, I decided to go in and have the bracelet restrung. After restringing, the staff also helped me purify the crystal. I found their purification method quite interesting. The staff explained that they use Herkimer Diamond for purification. I had never tried it before and was very curious, so I watched closely. They submerged the crystal in water with the Herkimer Diamond for purification. It was amazing—after just a short ten minutes, my crystal appeared shinier and clearer, with the minerals sparkling more. Impressed by the results, the staff recommended that I buy some Herkimer Diamond to try purifying my crystals at home. The Herkimer Diamond looked quite beautiful, so I bought a few pieces to try. Since then, I have been regularly using Herkimer Diamond to soak and purify my crystals. They genuinely look better and seem to regain their vitality. Previously, the crystals had become dull and seemed to lack energy, but now they have completely transformed into vibrant and lively pieces. It's truly magical."
Miss Yeung
"I have a lot of crystals, and I can't resist buying them when I see beautiful ones. One day, I happened to pass by Prince Edward and went in to take a look. I found many beautiful items, and while chatting, the female sales assistant asked me why I didn't have any black crystals despite owning so many lovely ones. She showed me two Black Rutilated Quartz bracelets. One was Black with Gold strands, which sparkled beautifully, and the other was Pure Black, giving off a noble and mysterious vibe. Both were so beautiful that I bought them both! After about two weeks of wearing them, I noticed that a project I was working on, which had been experiencing some obstacles, suddenly received unexpected help, allowing the work to be completed smoothly. It turns out that Black crystals can help make everything go more smoothly. Impressive!"
Mr. Chan
"I have always had problems with muscle soreness in my shoulders, neck, and back, which have been bothering me for about six months. Occasionally, I would use pain relief patches or ointments, which would only provide temporary relief. After wearing this Gibeon Meteorite Star of David pendant for a week, I felt that my back and shoulder muscle soreness improved by 80%. Now, it's just a slight pain, and I feel much more comfortable. Moreover, I feel more energetic and healthier overall. It's truly amazing!"
Miss Tong
"I recently started a new job, and due to the high stress, my face broke out with acne, which was very troubling for me. I even consulted a dermatologist, but the condition didn't improve. The store staff recommended Moonstone to me, and it really helped to alleviate my acne. Now, wearing Moonstone makes me feel happier."
Miss Cheung
"My daughter has always been introverted and reclusive, not liking to interact with strangers. After she started working, she would stay at home on her days off, never going out or socializing with colleagues. My husband was very worried and said, 'I'm really afraid she won't get married. If she doesn't go out, how will she meet any guys? It's not like they'll come knocking on our door!' Hearing that Rhodochrosite is the most powerful love stone, I bought a bracelet for my daughter. After wearing it for a while, her personality became noticeably more cheerful, and she seemed much happier. She no longer refused to join her colleagues' gatherings. At one of these gatherings, she unexpectedly ran into an old high school classmate. They had a great time catching up, and eventually, they developed a romantic relationship. This was an unexpected but wonderful outcome!"
Miss Chan
"Recently, I've been feeling very easily tired, in a bad mood, and thinking very negatively. One day, while walking around, I saw this crystal shop and decided to go in and take a look. I came across some crystal spheres, and although I don't usually wear crystals, just looking at these spheres made me feel naturally comfortable and calm. The staff noticed my current situation and suggested I buy a Black Obsidian sphere to place in my bedroom. They explained that it could absorb negative energy and help me sleep better. After hearing this, I decided to buy one and give it a try. After placing it in my room for a while, I felt that I was less negative, my thoughts became more positive, and things seemed to go more smoothly. It's quite amazing."
"I often heard Li Kui Ming on the radio talking about how Ammonite is a magical feng shui item. One time, while having dinner, I passed by the Tseung Kwan O branch and saw a large Ammonite at the entrance with beautiful, captivating colors. Out of curiosity, I went into the store and asked the staff to let me see it. When I held it, it felt like it was calling me to take it home, so I did. After placing it at home for about a week, the colors of the Ammonite became even more vibrant. The best part was that it helped me successfully close a big business deal. 🙏"
Mr. Siu
"I've always had nightmares and experienced sleep paralysis since I was young, resulting in very poor sleep quality. During the lunar seventh month, I'm also too scared to go out at night. The sales assistant at Crystale recommended that I wear a Black Tourmaline bracelet with a piece of Tektite. She said it has excellent protective properties and that the Tektite can boost my energy. If I encounter troublemakers at work, it can also help ward them off. I've been wearing it for two months now, and the results have been fantastic. I almost never have nightmares anymore. I'm very grateful to her for recommending this crystal to me!"
Mrs Ma
"My husband has been working in mainland China for three years, and we've been maintaining our relationship through phone calls. Recently, I've noticed that we have less and less to talk about, and I'm worried about our relationship. A friend told me that crystals could help improve relationships, so I went to the Crystale store in Wan Chai. I had a long conversation with the staff, and she recommended a Rhodochrosite bracelet, which can enhance marital feelings. Although I didn't have high expectations, I decided to wear it as an accessory and give it a try. After a few weeks, my husband was able to return to Hong Kong, and we started interacting more. I'm so happy that the Rhodochrosite helped us."
Mrs Leung
"Today, I went to the Crystale store in Yau Ma Tei to purify my crystals and saw that they had a promotion on Golden Amber. The staff mentioned that Amber can boost the immune system, improve blood circulation, and provide protection and calmness. Seeing such a good deal, I of course bought a bracelet. After wearing it for about a week, I noticed improvements in both my physical and mental state. My fatigue reduced, which I realized was due to better blood circulation. My sleep quality improved, and I felt more alert at work."
Miss Ng
"I previously passed by the Prince Edward store and saw a beautiful display. After going in to learn more, I found out it was a Wealth Array. Since my shop's business hasn't been doing well lately, I decided to buy it and give it a try. It looked nice and could attract wealth. After placing it for a while, I noticed a significant increase in business. I'm even considering buying a Super Seven crystal to wear soon."
Miss Szeto
"I was looking for a crystal to help regulate my endocrine system due to thyroid issues. The Yuen Long store recommended Garnet to me. After wearing it for a little over a month, I went for a follow-up appointment, and the doctor said my thyroid levels had stabilized. My problem with cold hands and feet had also improved. I'm so happy that crystals can truly help improve my health!"
Miss Choi
"I've been feeling down recently and can't seem to get motivated to do anything. I usually wear crystals, and one day while having my crystals cleansed at the store, I mentioned to the staff that I was feeling low and constantly down. The staff recommended that I wear Morganite. The colors looked very beautiful, vibrant, and comforting, so I chose an ice-grade Morganite bracelet. After two weeks, I visited the Yoho store again to share my experience with the staff. Wearing the Morganite has genuinely improved my mood. I feel lighter, happier, and free from that oppressive gloom. Moreover, the ice-grade Morganite bracelet has become more transparent and beautiful the more I wear it. I really love it!"
"Ever since my daughter started university, she's been under a lot of pressure, constantly saying that she can't remember her assignments and feeling very frustrated. I heard from a colleague that she bought an Amethyst bracelet from the Crystale store in Yau Ma Tei for her daughter, which helped improve her academic performance. So, I decided to buy one for my daughter as well. At first, my daughter was a bit resistant, but after wearing it, she performed well in her exams and her memory improved. Her grades got better, and her confidence increased as well. Now, her stress has reduced, and her sleep quality has improved. I'm so happy!"
Mrs Chan
"This year, my daughter gave me an Amber and Beeswax bracelet as a birthday gift because she knew my health wasn't great. I found it quite beautiful and unique. I started wearing it every day, even while sleeping, and my sleep quality has improved, I feel more energetic, and I'm not as weak or sensitive to cold. I've also noticed some improvement in my digestive issues after wearing it for a while. Since my daughter gave it to me, I wear it every day."
Miss Cheung
"Mom is very sensitive to cold and also suffers from anemia. I wanted to pick a crystal for her to see if it would help. The salesperson recommended Amber, saying it could improve sensitivity to cold and aid in detoxification. After wearing it for a month, Mom's complexion and overall health have improved compared to before. She also says she sleeps much better at night. 👍🏻"
Miss Yeung
"I'm a warehouse clerk, and most of the time I work alone in the warehouse. As part of my routine during lunchtime, I usually take a short nap for about half an hour. One day, after eating as usual and taking a nap for about 15 minutes, I started hearing someone calling me. Initially, I thought it was part of a dream, but the voice seemed to get closer, almost as if someone was speaking right next to my ear. When I opened my eyes, though, there was no one there. This continued for several days, which made me very uneasy and caused me to make frequent mistakes at work." "So, following a friend's recommendation, I went to the Crystale store in Tseung Kwan O and purchased a Black Tourmaline + Hematite crystal. I hoped it would strengthen my aura." "It's really amazing—after wearing the Black Tourmaline + Hematite, I haven't heard those strange voices again, and my health has improved. The design of the Black Tourmaline + Hematite crystal is very unique and matches my clothes well. It's functional and stylish at the same time. 🤭🤭🤭"
"Upon searching online, I discovered that Sugilite has many health benefits and is particularly effective in preventing cancer. I purchased one online, but later found that when I soaked it in water, the color started to bleed into the water. It turned out that I had bought a dyed fake bead." "Later, I visited the Crystale crystal store in Wan Chai and noticed that their Sugilite looked completely different from what I had purchased online—their purple color was unique. They had a basin with Shungite water, so I asked the staff to put the crystal in to check if it would bleed. There was no bleeding at all. The staff also explained in detail about the benefits of Sugilite, how to distinguish real from fake, and assured me with their wide selection and multiple branches. It made me feel very reassured about my purchase. From now on, I won't be tempted to buy cheap and random crystals!"
Miss Lau
"Once, I went to Causeway Bay with my husband to look at crystals. He's a regular customer at the upscale store, but I wasn't really a believer. However, when I heard the salesperson say that Citrine is powerful for attracting wealth, I decided to buy one and test its energy. To my surprise, after wearing it for about a month, the stocks I invested in rose significantly, earning me nearly six figures. I never thought that crystals could have such powerful effects. I'm really happy and grateful to Crystale for their professional recommendations!"
"Initially, I had a piece of red jasper, but after wearing it for over a year without much effect, I thought about buying a larger one. However, after the shop assistant explained, I ended up choosing a combination of full Red Jasper and Super Seven to enhance my love life. It really worked! 😍 While working, I met someone of the opposite sex, and perhaps due to our frequent interactions at work, we developed romantic feelings 💞. Eventually, we even became a couple. Thank you so much! P.S. I had been single for a long time before this!"
Miss Ching
"Finally got my hands on my first beautiful Herkimer diamond after hearing so much about its benefits! I bought it to cleanse my red jasper, and the sight of it is just gorgeous. I find myself gazing at it all the time. After using the diamond for purification for over a month, I feel like my red jasper has become more vibrant and glossy than before. My colleagues have even noticed that I seem happier, all thanks to the Herkimer diamond's powerful effects. Now I understand why so many people use it!"
「Engaged in wedding planning, my workload drastically reduced due to the pandemic, and income plummeted. With recent easing of quarantine measures, I anticipated a turnaround in my career. However, several potential wedding bookings fell through, leaving me feeling disheartened and uncertain about the future. One day, passing by the Tseung Kwan O branch, I spotted a stunning Super Seven bracelet in the display window that caught my eye. Intrigued, I went in to learn more and was impressed by the store assistant's explanation of its benefits, which seemed perfect for me. Since wearing the Super Seven bracelet, my luck has notably improved. Negotiations with clients have become much smoother, landing me more lucrative deals. Beyond the professional impact, I feel more positive in general, and even find myself winning more at races and games.」
「Recently, I bought a Green Rutilated crystal bracelet, and my work has been going smoothly lately. I even got a promotion! After that, I bought another Super Seven bracelet. Many people say Super Seven is very effective, and I didn't expect it to improve my luck and relationships so quickly. 🤭」
Miss Chan
"I've always had cold hands and feet issues, especially in winter. I often feel like my fingers and toes are so cold that they lose sensation. One day, while passing by Crystale in Causeway Bay with a friend, I saw a beautiful Garnet bracelet. After the store assistant introduced it to me, I bought one and started wearing it regularly. After wearing it for a while, even when sleeping in air-conditioning during summer, I felt warm all over. Thanks to its energy, it helped alleviate my long-standing discomfort."
Miss Tam
"I've been purchasing crystals from Crystale in Wan Chai for over two years now, and I find their crystals to be of higher quality compared to others. Recently, I bought a small piece of Ammolite fossil from Crystale. The colors are more natural compared to what I've seen in other stores, and the tactile sensation is also different. Despite initially trying it out on the advice of a Feng Shui expert, after carrying it for a few weeks, I won the lottery three times. Though they were small prizes, for someone like me who never wins anything, it was incredibly lucky."
"I've been in a bad mood lately. I visited a crystal shop where the staff recommended me to wear Kunzite. They said it could help to balance emotions, reduce stress, and improve emotional intelligence (EQ), leading to better temperaments. So, I bought it and wore it for two days. My mood has really improved, and I've had fewer arguments with my partner. I'm not getting angry easily anymore."
"Today, I bought a Lapis Lazuli bracelet. I heard from relatives and friends that it helps with health issues. Recently, I've been experiencing frequent headaches and have high blood pressure. After wearing it for a while, my headaches have eased a lot, my blood pressure hasn't risen, and my vision has become clearer."
"Just as autumn started, my body already began to feel cold. As someone who has always had low energy and weak blood circulation, cold hands and feet are unavoidable for me. While passing by Crystale in Yau Ma Tei, the staff recommended amber and beeswax to me. I instantly liked the color of blood amber when I saw it. After wearing it, my blood circulation improved, and I felt warmer. The blood amber enhanced my immunity, resulting in fewer illnesses. My sleep quality also improved, and I felt more radiant and energetic."
Miss Tong
"I work in the fintech industry, and due to the pandemic in recent years, my company has been heavily focused on market promotion and customer acquisition, resulting in a huge workload. During that time, despite being busy with work and working overtime every day, I experienced hair loss and sleep problems. Even though I worked hard, my efforts went unnoticed by my boss, leaving me both busy and disheartened. In January of this year, I bought a Super Seven crystal to boost my luck, hoping that my efforts would be recognized by my boss. After wearing it for three months, in April, my boss gave me a raise and the company offered me stock options. I felt much happier overall. The Super Seven really helped me a lot. Even when work is busy, I don't feel as tired. The energy is incredible! 👍🏻"
"Ever since I bought this Citrine Pixiu for my mom, she says she wins money frequently while playing mahjong and feels much luckier and smoother in life. Seeing how effective it was for her, I decided to buy one for myself as well. The store assistant mentioned that in addition to bringing unexpected wealth, Citrine can also help with digestive issues, which is perfect for me."
"I work in a hospital and had never worn crystals before. One day, while walking around, I passed by the Yoho store and decided to go in and take a look. After chatting with the store assistant, they found out that I work in healthcare and recommended a Black Tourmaline and Gibeon Meteorite bracelet. Because my job requires shift work, I often feel a strange, eerie sensation when coming home late at night. Since wearing the Black Tourmaline and the meteorite, whether it's psychological or it's really protecting me, that strange feeling has disappeared. I've since returned to the store to purchase a Black Rutilated Quartz and Gold Sheen Obsidian as well. My sleep quality has improved, and I feel very comfortable wearing them."
"I regularly buy crystals from your store. One time, while visiting to purify my crystals, I chatted with the store assistant about my mom's recent health issues. She had been frequently in and out of the hospital and had accidentally injured her foot, making it impossible for her to work. The assistant suggested that I buy a Gold Sheen Obsidian sphere and place it in the living room to help improve her health. To my surprise, after two weeks, not only did my mom's foot heal completely, but she also didn't need to visit the hospital as often for check-ups. I'm so happy that it could help my mom."
"Last month, I was passing by Crystale and was attracted by a gold rutilated quartz bracelet in the window. The store assistant explained the benefits of gold rutilated quartz in detail and asked me to try it on to feel its energy. When I put it on, I felt a slight tingling sensation. After wearing the bracelet for a while, I noticed some changes. For example, my decision-making ability has become more decisive than before, and my confidence has increased. With a firmer stance, my direction in work has become clearer. Now, my work is noticeably smoother, and my income has increased significantly compared to before."
Miss Tsang
"I have been troubled by thyroid issues for many years, and my health worsened after contracting COVID-19 recently. During isolation, my throat was very uncomfortable, and medication didn't help much. I remembered buying an Aquamarine bracelet earlier, so I decided to give it a try. At first, I thought the improvement in my throat discomfort was just a placebo effect, but then I noticed changes in my thyroid condition as well. The swelling in my thyroid area significantly reduced, and I also experienced less sweating."
Miss Wu
"My husband and I have been married for over three years, and recently we've been having some issues. It might be because we're both busy with work and taking care of our child, and it feels like our relationship has become distant. So, I decided to try wearing a crystal to see if it would help. A colleague recommended that I wear Rhodochrosite and Tourmaline together. Rhodochrosite can rekindle our feelings, and Tourmaline is an all-purpose crystal that can aid in love, career, and health. Lately, I feel like everything around me has become smoother, and our relationship has gradually improved."
Miss Chiu
"A friend introduced me to the Crystale crystal shop, and I discovered that they have many high-quality crystals. Recently, I've been wanting to change jobs, so the store assistant recommended a high-quality Cat's Eye Green Rutilated Quartz bracelet for me. They said it is suitable for those looking to change jobs or improve their work situation and increase promotion opportunities. I felt that its effects suited my current situation, so I decided to give it a try and bought it. It was a bit more expensive due to its high quality, but it was truly beautiful. I put it on immediately after purchasing it. The store assistant reminded me that to see the effects, I should wear it often. So, after buying it, I wore it every day, even on my days off. Haha! I've been wearing it for about two months now, and during this time, my job search has indeed gone more smoothly. I received responses and interview invitations quickly, and I finally found a job that I really like. I really have to thank the store assistant for recommending such a beautiful and effective Green Rutilated Quartz to me. 😁"
Miss Choi
"I wanted to seize opportunities for a breakthrough in my career, and the store assistant recommended a Green Phantom Quartz pillar, saying it embodies the principle of 'more work, more rewards.' I'm not afraid of being busy; I'm just afraid of not having opportunities. Since placing it on my desk at work, tasks have indeed come one after the other, including unexpected issues. During this period, I've been fighting to solve each challenging problem and complete my tasks without any pause. Although there were many difficulties, this process allowed the company to see my capabilities. This tough period turned out to be a turning point for me, leading me to a peak in my career, and I'll be promoted at the beginning of next year."
"I've always worn crystals, but recently I've been experiencing slight pain in my head and arms. So, I went to the crystal shop I usually visit to ask the staff for recommendations on crystals that could help alleviate the pain. The staff recommended a Herkimer Diamond bracelet, which is said to help with pain relief, soothe discomfort, and align the chakras. I decided to buy it and try it out. Believe it or not, after wearing it for a few days, it feels like the pain has lessened. The effectiveness of crystals is truly amazing."
Miss Ng
"Since I started a new job, perhaps due to the new environment causing too much stress, I've been suffering from severe acne, which has been very troubling for me. I've seen a dermatologist, but there hasn't been any improvement. I heard from your store staff that Moonstone could help relieve stress, so I decided to give it a try. It really did help; the Moonstone has stabilized my emotions significantly and also aided in restoring my skin condition to normal."
Miss Leung
"Recently, I've been feeling quite unlucky, with many of my planned activities failing to materialize. I've been wearing Black Obsidian for a while, but it seemed to have lost its effectiveness. Later, as I was passing by Crystale in Wan Chai, I saw a Gold Black Rutilated Quartz bracelet. It was very beautiful, and I asked the staff about it. They explained that it has the power to ward off evil and enhance execution abilities, and it's one of the most powerful among the black crystals. It exactly matched the functionalities I was looking for. After wearing it for a few weeks, I feel like my overall luck has improved!"
"Since breaking up with my boyfriend, I've found that my emotions have been getting worse, often crying for no reason and feeling very negative. One day, as I was passing by the Crystale shop in Wan Chai, I asked the staff for advice. After a detailed introduction, I felt that a Kunzite bracelet would be very suitable for me. Just seeing the bracelet made me feel more peaceful, and I learned that it's very helpful for negative emotions and also improves interpersonal relationships. Perhaps it's for these reasons, but I've made more friends and become more positive. I plan to keep wearing it!"
"Because I was having trouble sleeping, a friend told me that crystals might help. The store assistant recommended several types of crystals, and I eventually chose Herkimer Diamond. The assistant suggested placing it under my pillow to help improve sleep quality. I tried this for a little over a week and really saw a significant improvement. Now I can sleep through the night and have fewer nightmares. I feel much more refreshed 😊. I'm grateful for the store assistant's detailed explanation, which helped me find the right crystal for myself. 💖💖"
Miss Leung
"I usually go to the Prince Edward branch and often choose products that help with career development. One time, I mentioned to the staff that I was planning to invest in real estate and had a property in mind, but the chances of securing it were low due to various factors. She recommended that I buy an 'Ammonite' to place in my home and shared many positive reviews from other users. So, I brought one home. Thankfully, I ended up securing the investment, and I'm certain that the Ammonite helped make it happen."
"Previously, I bought a Gold Rutilated Quartz bracelet from CRYSTALE, and afterward, my work started going more smoothly, and I earned more money. Later, when I thought about starting my own business, I bought another Super Seven bracelet. Since wearing both bracelets together, I've successfully established my own company, and my business has been growing, with a steady stream of clients and increasing revenue. Wearing crystals has truly been a wise decision for me."
"Earlier this year, I picked up an Auralite 23 bracelet from your store, mainly because I found its color subtle and stylish. The store assistant explained that it has comprehensive benefits, covering career, wealth, health, and relationships. And it really does! I've won money both times I wore it while playing mahjong with friends! Wearing it also seems to make me feel less tired."
Miss Chan
"Recently, I've been facing a streak of bad luck, so I decided to get a Gibeon Meteorite to enhance my energy field. Initially, wearing it made me feel very energetic. After a month, I noticed that the problems around me were resolving more smoothly, my luck improved, and even my insomnia changed for the better."
"I wanted to buy a comprehensive crystal and came to the YOHO store, where the staff recommended an old mine Tourmaline. I was deeply attracted by its color at first glance. After wearing the Tourmaline for about two months, I felt that many things went smoothly, I became more spirited, and my mood became very relaxed and stress-free. It turns out the effects of crystals are indeed magical."
"Recently, I've heard from colleagues that feng shui items really work, and I myself believe in the power of feng shui arrangements. One day, while walking past a crystal shop, I saw a large Ammonite in the display case at the entrance. I was instantly attracted to it; it really caught my eye. The staff said that Ammonite attracts benefactors and wealth, so I decided to give it a try and bought it. I placed it on my office desk facing me, and after a while, I even made a profit from my stocks. I found that the Ammonite is truly effective."
Coey Lee
"Every day after work, I pass by the Crystale store in Wan Chai, where I noticed something sparkling like a diamond in the display window. Out of curiosity, I went in to have a look. It was called Herkimer Diamond, and I asked the staff about its uses. It turns out it has many purposes: it can cleanse crystals, relieve pain, and purify the body's chakras. I wondered if it could really be that magical, so the staff suggested I hold it in my hand to feel its effects. After trying it, I really felt a tingling sensation in my hand, almost like electricity, which made me think it really could align the body's chakras. I decided to buy it and give it a try. Over time, I noticed my sleep quality improved, my back pain eased, and it could even cleanse other crystals. Although it's a bit pricey, it's truly worth the purchase."
Ms Yau
"I wanted to choose a crystal for my mom because her emotions have been very unstable recently, and I'm worried she might develop emotional disorders. The staff at your store suggested trying Kunzite, which can help align the chakras, attract good interpersonal relationships, and improve mood. After wearing it for about two months, I really noticed that she isn't as quick to anger and her mood has improved compared to before. I hope that the more she wears it, the happier she'll become."
Ms Cheung
"I've always had poor digestion, but ever since I started wearing a Beeswax Amber bracelet, there has been a real improvement. I feel less weak, not as sensitive to the cold, and I even sleep better at night. Initially skeptical about the effectiveness of crystals, my mom saw how well it worked for me and decided to buy one for herself to wear too."
"I work in the insurance industry, and I've seen many colleagues wearing crystals. After a recommendation, I visited your company to see what might suit me. I saw a beautiful Cacoxenite in Amethyst bracelet and bought it right away. After wearing it for about a month, I encountered many high-quality clients at work and secured several large deals. My boss is very impressed with my performance and mentioned that I've been promoted to manager so quickly!"
"I've always felt surrounded by adversaries and obstacles. Initially, I had no particular plan and thought just buying a Super Seven crystal would solve everything. However, after wearing it for a week, I didn't feel any significant changes, and I was quite anxious. One day, while passing through Prince Edward, curiosity led me into your crystal shop. After chatting with the saleswoman, she suggested that wearing a black crystal on the right hand could enhance the effect. She recommended a beautiful Black Gold Rutilated Quartz, which caught my eye immediately, and I decided to buy it after learning more about it. After using it for a few days, I really noticed a decrease in troublesome issues. I even won money playing mahjong with friends, but most importantly, my work and life have become smoother, which has left me very satisfied."
Mrs Lee
"I work as a ward clerk in a hospital and have to work shifts, so sometimes I finish at 11 PM. I bought a Black Tourmaline with Tektite bracelet from the Yoho store. After wearing it, my sleep quality improved. When I return to the hospital ward and finish work at night, I feel much more at peace and don't experience the eerie sensations as much 😅."
"I've always had the habit of wearing crystals, but my boyfriend doesn't really believe in their functionality; he just sees them as ornaments. Due to the pandemic, his business was not doing well. On his birthday, I bought him a Gold Rutilated Quartz Pixiu pendant. After he started wearing it, his business unexpectedly picked up and even improved beyond its previous state. Now, my boyfriend has also bought a private Clear Quartz cluster for the Gold Rutilated Quartz Pixiu to 'sleep' with. 😄"
Miss Chan
"I had no knowledge about crystals, but after being introduced, I bought a Kunzite bracelet because I simply thought the color was beautiful and it matched my outfits well. After wearing it for two weeks, I discovered its miraculous effects. Originally, under the pandemic, my work stress was overwhelming and I was experiencing depressive emotions. However, since wearing the Kunzite, I've felt happier and more positive, and I've had the courage to face challenges and stress at work. I'm so happy to have felt the energy of the crystal so quickly and to see such positive changes. I'm even considering buying another, larger Kunzite bracelet."
"Recently, I bought an Amethyst Titanium bracelet. After buying it in the morning and wearing it, I received news in the evening that I would have a promotion opportunity in two months. I immediately felt appreciated and entrusted with important responsibilities. 🤗"
Miss Lai
"There was a period when nothing seemed to go right at work. A friend suggested I try wearing crystals to see if it would help. While browsing online, I came across Crystale and read about the Super Seven. I decided to visit the store to take a look. After the staff introduced it to me, I felt a connection with the Super Seven, so I bought it. Initially, I had a 'let's try it' mindset since it looked beautiful and unique. After wearing it for a few months, I happened to be introduced to a new job opportunity that paid better than my previous one. I realized the Super Seven really has some power 😆."
"I have been in a long-term relationship with my partner, and we always saw each other as lifelong companions. However, due to the pandemic, we both started working from home and often took out our work-related stress on each other, causing our relationship to deteriorate significantly. One day, I visited the Crystale store in Yoho and explained the situation to the staff. They recommended Rhodochrosite, known as the 'Stone of Love.' After wearing Rhodochrosite, I felt happier and more joyful. A few months later, I returned to the store and purchased Moonstone. The Moonstone helped me become more calm, soothing, and stable, which reduced the friction and arguments with my partner. Six months later, my boyfriend proposed to me. Thanks to the magical power of the crystals."
Miss Cheung
"I work in the retail industry, so I need to hit targets and chase sales figures. Due to the pandemic, I hadn't been able to meet my targets for several months 😭! One day, I saw an ad for your company on Instagram and decided to check it out. I noticed the Super Seven crystal but had never worn it before, though I had heard about it. So, I went to the Prince Edward store to learn more. After the store assistant explained everything, I bought both the Super Seven and a Titanium Rutilated Quartz bracelet (I saw that the store assistant was also wearing these two bracelets 😆). After wearing them for about half a month, a long-lost regular customer suddenly reappeared and made a big purchase 🎉, helping me close a huge deal 💰💰💰. Since then, my sales have been going smoothly 🙏🏻."
"I've been extremely busy with work lately, not getting enough rest every day, and I really wanted to relax. One day, on my day off, I went shopping with a friend, and we decided to check out a crystal shop. After hearing the store assistant explain the benefits of Labradorite, I felt it was perfect for me. The color caught my eye immediately; it was so beautiful and shiny. I liked it a lot right from the first glance, so I bought it and wore it right away. Since then, I make sure to wear it to work every day to help relax and ease my tired state."
"In my thirties, I was very eager to find a partner. I often heard from friends that the energy of crystals can help change one's luck. One day, while shopping, I happened to pass by a crystal shop and decided to go in and take a look. The store assistant explained everything in great detail, and based on her recommendation, I bought a Rhodochrosite bracelet. She also taught me how to activate the crystal, the proper mindset, and how to wear it correctly. I really hoped it would help me find a boyfriend. About a month and a half later, I met him in a very unexpected way. We clicked instantly! A little over a year later, we walked down the aisle. Now, we even have a child together, and I am truly happy. I went back to the store to thank her for recommending the right crystal for me. Under my influence, my husband now also wears crystals."
Miss Poon
"Because I had been experiencing bad luck, I bought a Obsidian bracelet from another crystal shop, but after wearing it for a while, it didn't seem to have any effect. Then I passed by your crystal shop, and the store assistant recommended a Black Rutilated Quartz bracelet and a Obsidian Seven Star Array. After some time, I noticed a change; the hallucinations I used to have disappeared, and the energy in my house felt much better. Additionally, wearing the Black Rutilated Quartz improved my work efficiency, and everything seemed to go much more smoothly overall. There is a significant difference compared to the crystals I bought from other stores."
"Last year, I broke up with my boyfriend and had been wanting to reconcile with him. A friend recommended that I buy a Rhodochrosite bracelet. Even though wearing it didn't save our relationship, after wearing the Rhodochrosite, I met many high-quality people and had several good suitors. Now, I've found an amazing husband, all thanks to the Rhodochrosite. It turns out that the previous relationship didn't work out because he wasn't my Mr. Right. Now, I'm happy and content, and I've also encountered many helpful people at work."
"In my spare time, I like to bet on horse races when I have extra money. I've always worn Citrine, and it's been pretty good. With the consumption voucher, I thought of trying something different, so when I went to cleanse my crystals, I asked a familiar sales associate for advice. She recommended a Gold Luck Stone, and I trusted her and bought it to try out. It didn't disappoint me; it was even smoother than just wearing Citrine, and the rewards were more satisfying. A little gambling for fun, and when I won money, I shared it with my family, treating them to a couple of nice meals."
Mr. Lee
"One day, while passing by the Crystale store in Wan Chai, I decided to inquire about Obsidian bracelets. I had been wearing a Obsidian bracelet for years because I heard it could ward off evil and repel petty people, but I never felt it was really helping. So, I decided to take a look inside the store. I found a rainbow-grade Black Obsidian bracelet that had a color and luster very different from the one I had been wearing. Although I didn't know if it would be effective, I liked it so much that I bought it and started wearing it. One day, while walking under a tree, a large branch suddenly fell from above. It brushed against my bracelet without touching my body and made a 'pop' sound. At that moment, I truly felt the bracelet had protected me from harm. Luckily, it didn't hit my head, or I would have been seriously injured. I have to say, the quality of a crystal bracelet really makes a big difference in its effectiveness!"
Miss Yum
"I saw online that many people wear Rhodochrosite because it's very powerful for attracting the right relationship. I thought it looked beautiful, so I bought one. After wearing it, I've encountered more helpful people, and my negative energy has decreased. Within a few months, I even had suitors, and they were of quite good quality."
"I had already chosen a Super Seven bracelet from Crystale, but I wanted to enhance its effects. Following the store assistant's recommendation, I bought a Super Seven raw stone for cleansing. After cleansing the bracelet with the raw stone, not only did the bracelet look even more beautiful than when I first bought it, but it also helped me win the third prize in the lottery. I was so happy that I immediately celebrated with a big meal with my family. ☺️"
"When I first started dating my boyfriend, I hoped to maintain a sweet relationship and protect our love. The store assistant recommended that I wear Rhodochrosite. After wearing it for a while, our relationship gradually warmed up 💓. Later, the assistant suggested I also wear Lepidolite. After wearing both together, my boyfriend noticed that I became more gentle, kept a cheerful mood, and learned to love myself more, which allowed me to be more invested in our relationship 👫🏻. These two bracelets have become my essentials for dating 🥰."
Ka Hei
"I work in the real estate industry, and business has been mediocre due to the pandemic. I noticed that many of my colleagues wear crystals, so I decided to give it a try. After buying a Super Seven bracelet, I felt that clients' trust in me increased, and they even referred friends who wanted to buy property to me. Suddenly, I closed many more deals. Everything seemed to go smoothly, and I encountered many more helpful people."
"Once, I accompanied a friend to the Crystale store in Causeway Bay to look at crystals. I didn't know much about crystals myself, but after these few years of the pandemic, my work had stagnated, and I was feeling very disheartened. Following the store assistant's recommendation, I bought a Moldavite pendant. The very next day, when I returned to the office, I received an email from my boss recommending me for a promotion, along with a significant pay raise. Now, every day, I feel much more energized at work. I'm so happy and surprised by how much the Moldavite pendant has helped me. I've recommended it to my friends, and they all say it has truly helped them in their careers as well."
"I wanted to find a crystal that attracts wealth but also keeps a low profile. After the store assistant's recommendation, I chose Amethyst Titanium. Not only does it attract wealth, but it also brings helpful people into your life. My job is similar to marketing, so improving interpersonal relationships is very important. Since wearing it, I met someone who has helped me a lot at work, and I've received many more job opportunities as a result. 🤭👍🏻"
"I've been suspecting that my stress levels have increased recently, and I've been feeling unwell. I didn't want to rely on medication, so I decided to try the power of nature. I bought a piece of Black Tourmaline raw stone, as I heard it helps eliminate negative energy, dispel sickness, and improve sleep. The store assistant encouraged me to hold it, and after holding it for a while, I already felt a bit better. Later, when I used it at home, I genuinely slept better that night, and my discomfort decreased. I believe that continued use will yield even better results, and I've been recommending it to my colleagues and friends."
"Because my health is quite poor, a friend suggested that I try wearing crystals for help. So, I went to your Causeway Bay store to pick one out. After the store assistant understood the effects I was looking for, they recommended Garnet to help with my sacral chakra. So, I chose one to try. The assistant also taught me to activate and connect with the crystal before wearing it. When I put on the Garnet after cleansing and started the activation process, I could immediately feel a surge of energy flowing into my body through my palm. It was super amazing! 👍🏻"
Miss Leung
"Ever since I had my baby and became a full-time mom, my stress levels have increased a lot, and I've had more conflicts with my mother-in-law. I felt really exhausted. My husband knew I was extremely stressed, so one day he took me to a crystal shop and bought me an Aquamarine bracelet. I instantly loved its color; it felt so comfortable, cool, and soothing. The more I looked at it, the more I liked it. After that, I wore it every day, and my mood improved. I felt happier and more relaxed overall!"
"I originally wasn't very interested in black crystals, but after the store assistant's suggestion, I bought a Black Rutilated Quartz bracelet. After wearing it, I really felt that everything started going more smoothly. However, after catching COVID-19 during the fifth wave of the pandemic, I felt unlucky and sometimes muddled. The store assistant helped me design a combination that included Tektite to enhance protection and remove negative energy. Not only did my bad luck decrease, but I also felt more positive and happier. Now, I keep wearing this talisman every day to work or when I go out 🥰."
Ka Hei
"I work in a hospital and often have to deliver documents to different floors. Every time I pass certain corridors, I always feel a cold wind blowing through, making me feel chilled. I used to wear Black Obsidian, but sometimes I felt its energy wasn't enough. One day, I passed by the Crystale store in Wan Chai, and the store assistant introduced me to a Herkimer Diamond bracelet. I had never heard of this crystal before, but I learned that it can purify the body and the surrounding environment of negative energy, as well as clear bad auras and prevent negative energy interference. So, I decided to give it a try. After wearing it for two weeks, I no longer felt the previous chilling sensation, and some of my body aches also improved. It turns out that it can unblock the body's chakras. I'm grateful for this bracelet, and now I no longer feel fearful when going to work."
Miss Lau
"I am a medical professional, so I have been wearing Clear quartz and obsidian for a long time. In recent years, witnessing the severity of the pandemic, my emotions have occasionally fallen low. One day I talked to the shopkeeper, who introduced me to a purple Kunzite bracelet. After wearing it, it calmed my mind, made my thoughts more positive, and stabilized my emotions. I actively faced life. Now even my social connections have improved, and I've even met that doctor boyfriend."
"I had never come into contact with Herkimer Diamonds before. The first time I held one, after some time, I felt a slight ache in my hand. I heard they can treat pain, so I decided to try it out. I purchased a used Herkimer Diamond and after treatment for a while, I went back to the store and shared with the staff that my headache symptoms had improved and my sleep quality had gotten better. I'm so glad the Herkimer Diamond helped me!"
Mrs Lee
"One time when I was out walking with my boyfriend, we had a little quarrel. I got angry and stormed off to walk alone. As I passed by your shop, I was immediately attracted to a Moonstone bracelet. The glow it gave off calmed my agitated mood. Ever since I started wearing the Moonstone bracelet, my overall mood has lightened. I don't get angry as easily anymore, and my interactions with my boyfriend have become much happier."
Miss Chan
"Due to work, I used to always feel tired and fatigued. I read about Crystals online and felt that Hematite could help me, so I decided to buy and try it. The style was also very nice and easy to match with clothes. Unexpectedly, after wearing the Hematite, I felt completely different. I felt energized and not as tired as before. I had much more vigor overall."
"I've always had mediocre interpersonal relationships, and my relationship with colleagues at the company wasn't great. Even though I often tried to be friendly with them, it felt like I was invisible. Recently, due to the pandemic, my company needed to downsize my department. Although there were 15 colleagues and only one would be laid off, I was very worried that it would be me, which made me feel very anxious and depressed. The store assistant recommended that I wear a Red Super Seven bracelet. A few weeks later, not only was I not laid off, but my boss also noticed my strengths at work and transferred me to a more important and suitable department with a pay raise. Now, I get along very well with my new colleagues, and we have a lot of fun at work. Initially, I just felt happier after wearing the Red Super Seven, but soon I received the news of my transfer. People around me also started treating me much better, and my interpersonal luck improved greatly. Moreover, after not dating for several years, I now have a suitor!"
"I work at night and usually wear a black crystal for protection. However, one day it suddenly broke, and people say that when this happens, it's best not to wear it again. So, I decided to buy a new one. The store assistant recommended Tektite and Moldavite. Because I work at night, I encounter negative energy more frequently. Tektite has strong energy that can dispel negative energy, and Moldavite is used to protect me and help with my career and financial luck. After wearing them, I feel much more energized at work, almost like I've been recharged, and I'm not as easily tired as before. My work has been going smoothly without any obstacles. 👍🏻"
"I run my own construction engineering company. When business was slow, I wanted to find ways to improve it. I went online and saw that crystals could help, so I went and bought two bracelets to try. With the shop staff's recommendation, I got a Green Garden Quartz and a Bronze Rutilated Quartz bracelet. The staff said they could boost wealth and career luck. After wearing them for a while, my company really did get more construction projects coming in. Business picked up and got busy. They really worked. I've since recommended them to friends too, hoping they can help my friends as well."
"One day, I passed by the Crystale store in Tseung Kwan O, and the store assistant recommended a Super Seven bracelet. After wearing it, I felt much more relaxed, and everything I did seemed to go more smoothly. When my husband found out, he also bought one, and now we both wear them!"
"I have a straightforward and tough personality and tend to get angry easily. After buying and wearing a Moonstone bracelet, I feel much calmer, less extreme, and less stubborn. I also sleep better."
"Before wearing the Multi-colored Tourmaline, a certain colleague was clearly targeting me. Even though we were both responsible for several tasks, I always had to clean up after them. This colleague also kept spreading rumors and speaking ill of me to other colleagues. After wearing the Tourmaline for two months, things really started to change. Other colleagues were no longer influenced by this person's words and even defended me, telling them to stop causing trouble. Now, everything is going smoothly and the atmosphere has improved greatly."
"Previously I had never worn crystal bracelets before. I wanted to find an all-powerful crystal bracelet, so following the shop staff's recommendation, I bought a Super 7 bracelet to try its energy. I was half-skeptical about the powers of Super 7, but after wearing it for a while, suddenly a lot of old friends I had lost contact with came around discussing business opportunities. Recently I even closed a 6-figure deal! I never expected it to be so miraculous! I'm thinking of getting a collector's edition Super 7 next, to attract even more wealth!"
Mr Yip
"I work as a clerk in a hospital ward, and every day I have a lot of work and immense pressure. My relationships with colleagues and my overall mood were not great. One day, after work, I passed by Yoho Crystale and decided to browse. As I looked at the many crystal bracelets at the counter, I was immediately drawn to the Morganite bracelet. Its color was very soft and soothing, and I learned that Morganite is known for helping with emotions, stress, and relationships—it’s also called the 'Stone of Joy.' After listening to the store assistant's explanation, I bought the Morganite bracelet. About a week later, even though the workload remained the same, my mood and relationships with colleagues seemed to improve. I felt less stressed and more cheerful. I’m very grateful for the recommendation, and I have since bought a Kunzite bracelet as well 😊."
"This year, I had bad luck as it was the Year of the Tiger and I was clashing with Tai Sui. As soon as the year began, everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and I was already wearing Black Obsidian but it wasn't enough. So, I decided to buy a Sunstone bracelet to counteract Tai Sui and ward off bad luck. Maybe I spent enough money 😁, because soon after wearing it, it started working 👍🏻👍🏻. Not only did all the troublesome things disappear, but I also won money while playing mahjong 🀄️ 🥳."
"I already have two Kunzite bracelets, which have helped me a lot, so I always wear them. Recently, I encountered extreme pressure at work, and my emotions were on the verge of collapse. I went to talk to a familiar store assistant about my situation, and she immediately told me to wear one Kunzite on each wrist—right hand to release emotions. She also recommended that I buy a Sunstone bracelet to wear together with them. After wearing this combination for two days, I already felt it was very effective! I felt powerful and energized to face the pressure, and I regained my vitality! My colleagues, who were worried about my situation, witnessed the difference before and after. It turns out that the power of Sunstone is not simple at all."
"I was attracted by the dazzling brilliance of Sunstone, so I bought it. The staff mentioned that Sunstone brings vitality and positivity, which was just what I needed as I had been feeling a bit discouraged lately. After wearing it for about a week, I noticed a real change in myself—I regained my motivation and positivity. The more I wear it, the more beautiful it seems. 👍🏻"
"One day, I passed by the Mong Kok branch and accidentally saw a beautiful Tanzanite bracelet. After the store assistant's introduction, I bought it. A week after wearing it, my boss praised me for becoming more organized, and my expression and communication skills had also improved. My colleagues no longer laughed at me for being inarticulate! So, I went back and bought a Herkimer Diamond to enhance its effects!"
Miss Wong
"My emotions tend to fluctuate a lot. Sometimes I feel extremely happy and excited, talking a lot, but then I can suddenly become very down and think negatively. A friend recommended that I try wearing Kunzite. They said it worked well for them, so I decided to buy one and give it a try. After just a few days of wearing it, I could feel my mood stabilizing. The soft, gentle purple color of the Kunzite made me feel very comfortable and calm. Now, I wear it every day, and I no longer have those frequent negative thoughts. I've become happier and have made more friends!"
"My daughter was under a lot of pressure from studying, which negatively affected her health, and she often fell ill. One day, we went to the Crystale store in Wan Chai, and after talking with the store assistant, I bought her an Auralite 23 bracelet. Initially, my daughter was a bit resistant, but after wearing it for a few months, she gradually became more cheerful and fell ill less often. She even noticed that her memory improved while studying. Now, if she forgets to wear it when she goes out, she makes sure to go back and put it on. I'm so happy to see her so confident now!"
Miss Cheung
"Due to a busy work schedule, I often felt fatigued. I tried many methods, but I always felt tired. Additionally, because I often work in front of a computer for long hours, my eyes were especially strained. After a recommendation, I bought a Labradorite bracelet. Initially, I wore it with a mindset of just giving it a try. However, after wearing it for some time, I noticed an improvement in my eye discomfort and overall fatigue. Even more amazingly, my long-standing insomnia problem began to improve. Experiencing firsthand the energy of crystals really can improve physical issues. Now, I no longer need to frequently take sleeping pills."
"I had a baby about three months ago and noticed that my emotions were constantly fluctuating. I argued with my husband every day. A friend recommended that I visit your company to buy a crystal to wear, but since I had never worn crystals before, I didn’t know which one would help. The store assistant recommended that I wear Moonstone, which can help soothe emotions, improve the relationship with my partner, and reduce anger. After wearing it for about a month, my husband told me, 'Your Moonstone is really working! You haven't been getting on my case as much lately 😆.' He even suggested that I continue wearing it after giving birth and said he'd come with me next time to buy other crystals and that he'd pay for it 🥰."
"My work requires me to be on the computer a lot, which is very draining. I heard that Labradorite can help alleviate fatigue and restore energy, so I bought a large and a small Labradorite piece. I placed the large one by my bedside and took the small one to the office for massages. The effects were noticeable; my overall energy improved significantly, and the aches in my shoulders, hands, and waist were greatly reduced. Now, not only has my physical fatigue been alleviated, but my sleep quality has also improved a lot. When I went back to the store for cleansing, the store assistant mentioned that I have a good connection with Labradorite, and I felt the same. So, I bought a bracelet to wear as well."
"I am a teacher, and there is a crystal shop next to the school where I work. One day during lunch, I noticed an Aquamarine bracelet that deeply caught my eye. After learning about its functions from the store assistant, I immediately bought it. Since wearing the Aquamarine bracelet, my throat and respiratory issues have eased, my relationships with colleagues have become more harmonious, and even the parents have been more cooperative in helping teach the students. This has significantly reduced my teaching stress!"
Miss Chung
"I work in the food and beverage industry, and business has been very bad due to the pandemic. I passed by your Wan Chai branch and saw an Amethyst geode that really caught my eye. I never had much interest in crystals before, but I felt a connection with this geode, so I bought it and placed it in my shop. Shortly after, I noticed an improvement in both dine-in and takeaway business. There were more customers, and my financial situation improved as well. Later, I also bought a Citrine sphere to further enhance my financial luck!"
Mr Cheung
"I've been having a run of bad luck lately, with two senior colleagues at my company causing me a lot of distress, making me frequently think about quitting. One day, I passed by your store, and after the staff's recommendation, I bought a Seven-Star Plate with seven Black Obsidian stones to place in my office.
Mr. Yeung
"I am a healthcare worker, and during the pandemic, the work stress has been overwhelming, leading to depressive emotions. Recently, I bought a Kunzite pendant, initially just because I thought the color was beautiful and it matched well with my clothes. However, since wearing the Kunzite, I feel happier, more positive, and have the courage to face challenges and pressure at work. I'm so happy that I could feel the crystal's energy in such a short time, and it brought about positive changes so quickly! A week later, I went back and bought an even larger Kunzite pendant!" About a month later, one of those senior colleagues resigned, and the other was transferred to another department! I'm so happy that the Seven-Star Plate helped me! Everything has been going smoothly since then!"
Miss Leung
"During the pandemic, I was laid off, and in that moment, I felt very lost. I have a mortgage to pay and children to support; I am the pillar of my family. Suddenly losing my job made me feel extremely unlucky. After failing to find a job despite numerous attempts, I felt very discouraged. A friend suggested I try wearing a crystal to change my luck. With no other options, I decided to give it a try. One day, I walked into CRYSTALE, and after talking to the store assistant, I was recommended to buy a Super Seven bracelet to improve my luck, career, and finances. Thinking it was worth a shot, I bought it. About a month later, fortunately, an old colleague introduced me to a job. I managed to secure the position smoothly, and unexpectedly, good things started happening!"
"While walking around, I passed by the Yoho store and saw a Black Tourmaline with Gibeon Meteorite bracelet. It looked so beautiful that I wanted to try it on. The store assistant explained the benefits of Black Tourmaline, which can help with issues like insomnia and inflammation. Hearing this, I became very interested because I have these symptoms. So, I bought the Black Tourmaline with Gibeon Meteorite bracelet. After a few days, my insomnia and inflammation improved. I also bought a Black Tourmaline raw stone to place at home, and it has been very effective! I will definitely recommend it to my friends!"
Yan Cheng
"My friend and I started a hair salon together. Business was always good, and we had many regular customers. However, working as partners in business eventually led to some differences in opinions, causing a lot of disagreements. So, we decided to part ways, and I opened my own hair salon. After running the salon for over a year, business wasn't doing well. The old customers didn't come back, and I wondered what went wrong. I recalled that when I partnered with my friend, he had placed many crystal decorations in the shop. Curious, I looked up information about crystals online, as I had never been familiar with them before. I decided to visit a crystal shop. After a long conversation with the store assistant, she recommended placing an Amethyst geode in my shop, saying it could improve the atmosphere, attract benefactors, and bring in wealth. I bought it right away. Within less than a week of placing it in the shop, business improved significantly. More customers came in, and even old customers started returning. Haha, it's really hard to believe until you experience it yourself. I used to think my partner was superstitious, but now I've completely changed my mind because I truly believe in the power of crystals."
"Recently, I've been seeing Tanzanite frequently on the internet and was captivated by its color. So, I decided to visit the store to take a look. I noticed that a familiar store assistant was also wearing Tanzanite. She said that Tanzanite is a very deep and meaningful stone. 👍🏻 This, of course, made me even more determined to get one. During our conversation, the store assistant mentioned that Tanzanite helps with self-assurance, enhances focus, and increases wisdom... These points seemed perfect for me. 😅 After wearing it, I felt like I suddenly gained clarity on many things 🤩 and my confidence increased. Unexpectedly, I also noticed that my luck improved significantly. This is a bonus, right? 💪🏻"
Jessica Wong
"While browsing at the Yoho store, I didn't really intend to buy any crystals. My usual hobby is playing mahjong, so the staff recommended Citrine to me. Citrine is associated with wealth and can also help with gambling. The staff said even if I don't win money, at least I won't lose as much. I tried it out and bought a Citrine bracelet for over a thousand dollars. It wasn't too expensive, so I thought I'd give its effects a try. That evening, I played mahjong with friends and won against all three other players. Over the next week, I played four more mahjong games. I don't know if it was just luck or the power of Citrine, but I kept winning money! I'm glad the staff didn't recommend it wrongly - crystals really do work!"
Miss Yim
"One time while out walking, I noticed my crystal bracelet had snapped! 😱 As I passed by the CRYSTALE crystal shop, I thought I'd go in to have the crystal string re-strung. After re-stringing, the staff offered to cleanse and recharge the crystal for me ✨. Their cleansing method seemed unique, as the staff explained they use Herkimer Diamonds to cleanse for customers. I had never tried that before and watched curiously as my crystal was submerged in water with the Herkimer Diamonds. It was amazing - after just 10-15 minutes soaking, I could already see my crystal regaining its luster and becoming transparent again 👍🏻. The minerals even shimmered brighter. Seeing the good results, the staff recommended I get some Herkimer Diamonds to try cleansing at home. The Herkimer Diamonds looked so beautiful that I bought a few pieces to try. Since then, I always use Herkimer Diamonds to soak and cleanse my crystals. They look better and better with each cleanse, like they're recharged with new life force. Before they had become dull with no energy, but now they're like completely new bracelets - it's miraculous! 🤩"
"Previously I had bought a Moonstone bracelet from another store. One day when I visited your branch, although the prices seemed a bit higher, the quality was completely different from what I had worn before. I inquired with the staff to understand more, and ended up purchasing a Moonstone bracelet from your store. After wearing it for some time, I felt my emotions became much calmer and even my sleep improved. The one I bought from the other store didn't give me those effects. So I also purchased a Rhodonite piece to help with relationships."
Heidi Yeung
"At home I have a large dish of Herkimer Diamonds that I use for soaking and cleansing bracelets. I don't know if it's because the Herkimer Diamond water tastes sweeter, but my house cats automatically go drink from the Herkimer water. Previously they wouldn't drink from their pet water dispenser. The shop staff said the Herkimer Diamond water is actually drinkable and can help detox and balance the body, so it's multi-purpose."
Miss Cheung
"I was thinking of getting a Sunstone bracelet to ward off inauspicious stars. After wearing it for about a month, I felt some slight changes. I'm usually quite introverted, but I noticed I've been chattier with colleagues lately. More people have also been inviting me out for meals. My mood has been quite good recently too. Plus at the company Christmas party lucky draw, I even won a cash prize! 🥰🥰"
Candy Ma
"I am a cancer survivor. During a recent follow-up at the hospital, the doctor discovered a small tumor near my surgical area. He suggested I come back in a week for a needle biopsy to check the cells. After the appointment, I passed by a crystal store where the staff recommended a Blood Amber bracelet for me. One week later when I went back for the biopsy, the doctor said the tumor had disappeared so no biopsy was needed. The Blood Amber had boosted my immunity and helped detox. It also improved my blood circulation, dispersing some stagnant blood clots. So the tumor dissipated. Now I feel much better physically."
Mrs Cheung
"I've been having really bad luck lately. There were a lot of troublemakers at work causing issues for me, so I wanted to buy a black crystal bracelet to remove the negative energy and their ill intentions. Following the professional recommendation from the staff, I bought a Gold Sheen Obsidian bracelet instead. After wearing it for about a month, my luck turned around. The troublemakers at work either left the company or got transferred to other positions. Plus my gambling and betting started giving me small profits. I'm so glad the crystal bracelet helped turn things around!"
Mr. Poon
"My friend and I opened a shop together. Previously we had a feng shui master recommend placing an Amethyst Geode, and business has been good. But wanting to give it an extra boost, I went to the store to look at decorative crystals to place on the cashier counter. The staff recommended a Ammolite, which was the perfect size for the counter. At first I was a bit put off by the snail shape, but the more I looked at the beautiful rainbow colors, the more I was drawn in. Its properties also seemed very suitable for attracting wealth, so I bought it and placed it at the cashier. Within just a week, we landed two big orders! The effects were very noticeable. The staff gave an excellent recommendation - thank you!"
Miss Chan
"I was thinking of giving my mom a gift for Mother's Day. One day, while shopping, I saw the CRYSTALE crystal shop and decided to go in and see if there was anything suitable. I knew my mom enjoys playing mahjong and investing, so after listening to the staff's explanation, I felt that citrine would be quite suitable for her. The color looked refreshing, and it was within my budget, so I chose a citrine bracelet for my mom. After wearing it for a while, she told me that she's been winning a lot at mahjong recently and has been having good luck. She didn't expect it to work so well, and now she doesn't want to take it off. She feels luckier and is much happier."
Miss Li
"After wearing my Garden Quartzquartz bracelet for about two weeks, just as I was about to mail my job application, the bracelet suddenly broke 😱. Feeling a sense of foreboding, I decided not to send the application. The job was for a construction site safety officer. Later, I found out that the newly appointed safety officer had an accident and was hospitalized 😰. Although not life-threatening, the injuries were serious enough to require about six months of rest. I realized that the Garden Quartzquartz had worked its magic, helping me avoid this job to keep me safe 💪💪."
Mr Ko
"I know I tend to have an easy-going personality 😅, but sometimes it feels like I'm always the one taking the blame. However, over the past six months, since wearing an amethyst 💜, it seems like my friends' true colors have started to show. Amethyst has really helped me see who my true friends are 🥲."
"One day, I passed by the Wanchai branch and saw a moonstone bracelet in the display cabinet. I was deeply attracted by its blue glow and went inside. As soon as I put it on, I felt very peaceful. The staff explained its benefits to me. I had visited other stores before and never felt anything, but this blue glow made me feel very calm and stable."
"I had no idea how powerful crystals could be until I started wearing them. I can truly feel the difference after wearing this Super Seven crystal bracelet 😍. I chose it because it's beneficial for health, career, and love, and it really has made a difference. Everything has been getting better and better since I started wearing it. It's so effective that I can't help but believe in it 👏🏻."
Yanyan C
" I've always been shopping at the Causeway Bay store. One day when I came back to soak the crystals, I saw the purple-red-black Super Seven, and it deeply attracted me. I work at a headhunting company, and after buying the purple-red-black crystal, my stock market work has been very, very smooth. Now, I have started my own company. 👍🏻 "
"My daughter has always had anemia and poor blood circulation. I happened to learn that garnet is very good for women, so I bought her a garnet bracelet. After wearing it, she slept better at night and experienced less headache and dizziness. Later, she even chose another tourmaline bracelet."
Mrs Chan
"At first, I was just curious and wanted to learn more, so I entered the store. As I looked around, I heard the staff introduce black rutilated quartz as having the ability to 'ward off evil and protect against harm.' I immediately decided to buy one and try it out. When making a wish, one of the things I wished for was to always drive safely under any circumstances, ensuring my safety and the safety of others. Later, there was a time when I almost had a minor traffic accident. Fortunately, both parties managed to brake in time, and in the end, everyone was safe and unharmed. It was really obvious and I'm very grateful."
"Recently, I bought a moldavite pendant. The sales staff said it could help with career and wealth and suggested I make a wish. After wearing it for a week, my old company asked me to come back and help. Despite the current market downturn, my salary remained the same as before. I didn't think it was related to the green meteorite at first, as it seemed too quick for such an effect. But after wearing it for another month, a friend who has been in insurance for 20 years suddenly contacted me to update my policies and switch to a new plan with much better coverage. Surprisingly, when I switched to the new plan, I was able to cash out a six-figure amount from the old plan. I was speechless! At that moment, I was sure that the reappearance of my old company and the help from my insurance friend were due to the green meteorite."
Miss Cheung
"While casually walking down the street, I was attracted by a sunstone bracelet. The staff explained its benefits, which seemed quite suitable for me. After wearing it, I found that I felt more energetic at work, my job went more smoothly than before, and I earned more commission. 👍🏻"
Miss Au
"I have great trust in labradorite; it is truly useful. I work as a traditional Chinese medicine masseur, which is very labor-intensive and drains both my energy and physical strength. I heard that labradorite can help alleviate fatigue and restore energy, so I decided to try buying a pendant. I never expected such a noticeable effect from a pendant – my mental state improved a lot, and the soreness in my shoulders, hands, and waist has significantly lessened. So, I bought a large and a small labradorite ornament to place by my bedside. The small one I sometimes carry with me to use for massages. Now, not only has my physical fatigue been relieved, but my sleep quality has also improved a lot. When I went back to the store for purification, the staff said that labradorite and I are a great match, which I also feel is true. So, I bought another bracelet to wear during work and holidays."
"One day, I passed by this place with crystals and ended up buying a yellow citrine sphere. I think the crystals here are really effective. After buying it, I made a lot of money from my stocks, a huge amount. Naturally, I was tempted to buy an amethyst geode and other items as well! They've all been very helpful, so I even bought some pendants for my son to wear."
Mr Kwok
"Because I recently experienced a breakup, I wanted to find a crystal to see if it could help me meet a new partner sooner. The store staff recommended that I wear Morganite. I saw its colorful appearance and how easy it is to match with clothes, so I decided to buy a piece and give it a try. To my surprise, after wearing it for about a month, I actually met a pretty nice guy. I hope Morganite will continue to help me."
"In February of this year, I lost my job for several months due to the pandemic and felt very negative. So, I decided to try wearing crystals. The store staff recommended a sunstone bracelet. As soon as I put it on, I could feel its energy flowing through my whole body. Over the next month, I felt more positive and started getting many interview opportunities (previously, there had been none). By July, I even received offers from two companies!"
"I'm feeling a bit more patient, getting along better with people around me, and finding life a bit more comfortable. 💖 It's all thanks to the power of the moonstone on my hand, and each stone even glows with a blue light ❄️ — so beautiful! It seems like it also has skin-beautifying effects. 👱🏻‍♀️"
Glo Glo
"Recently, I heard on the radio that Sugilite can enhance immunity and reduce the need for doctor visits. One day, I passed by a crystal shop and saw a purple-blue Sugilite. The staff explained that it is rare and very good for health, even preventing cancer. So, I bought one to try it out. Since wearing it, I have been sleeping better and feeling very comfortable 👍🏻."
Miss Law
"Every year, I buy crystals from this place because I live in the United States and it's inconvenient to buy them there. However, the shop assistants are very attentive; each time they take photos of the crystals I'm interested in and WhatsApp them to me to confirm before placing my order. This year, I bought Gibeon Meteorite and Super Seven crystals; the quality is high and the prices are reasonable."
Miss Yu
"Recently, I fell in love with wearing amber and beeswax amber bracelets. I've been familiar with crystals for a long time, but I always felt that amber and beeswax looked too old-fashioned, so I didn't like them. Then, by chance, I came across a blue amber bracelet and found it very beautiful. I also learned that blue amber can improve sleep quality. A miracle really happened! For decades, my sleep quality had been terrible. I never expected that blue amber would help me improve this serious issue. At the same time, I feel that my overall health has also greatly improved."
Miss Hui
"My daughter often failed her exams and had poor memory. Since I wear crystals myself, one day I passed by Crystale and bought her an amethyst for studying. After wearing it for a while, her memory seemed to improve, and her studies went more smoothly. The other day, she came back with a score of over 90! 👍🏻"
Mrs Chau
"My boyfriend works in luxury retail, but since last year, nothing has been going well for him, and he hasn't been able to close any sales at work. So, I wanted to find a crystal that could attract wealth and improve his relationships. I finally chose a purple titanium rutilated quartz. After wearing it for just a week, he consistently managed to get at least 1-2 sales every day. Even in such a short time, he could feel the help! It's truly amazing!"
Miss Ng
"Lately, I've been facing a lot of difficulties at work and in my personal life, even getting into legal trouble. I didn't know much about crystals, but one time I accompanied a friend to a crystal shop for purification. While chatting with the staff, they recommended that I buy a gold obsidian bracelet with a gold obsidian Pixiu and a morganite bracelet. After wearing them for about a week, my mood greatly improved, and my colleagues' attitudes toward me also changed. I've decided to buy another moonstone bracelet. Crystals really can help improve my luck."
"I was looking for a crystal that could help improve my luck, so I came in after hearing a friend's recommendation. I talked with the staff for a long time, and they finally suggested I choose a Moldavite pendant, saying its energy is strong and it can steadily improve career, relationships, and finances. After wearing it for about a month, I actually received a new job offer. I'm super happy!"
Mr Siu
"I was someone who didn't believe in energy at all and often passed by the Mong Kok store without even glancing at the crystals. One day, however, I was attracted by a 天鐵 bracelet and decided to go in and learn more about it, eventually buying it. As an enthusiast of mountain biking, I once went to the mainland with a group of friends for a ride. During the trip, a sudden accident occurred, and both the bike and I rolled down the hill. At that moment, I thought I was surely going to die. But when I came to, I was completely unharmed, without a single scratch on my body. My first thought was that the 天鐵 bracelet had saved my life!"
Raymond Wong
"In April, I was laid off by my company, so I had been worrying about finding a job. Coincidentally, a friend shared a magical story about their crystal, so I asked my friend to recommend a crystal that could help me find a job quickly. That day, my friend took me to the Crystale crystal shop. When the staff learned about my situation, they recommended a crystal called red and Garden Quartzquartz, saying it could help with relationships and career. I bought it and, after wearing it for about a week, I received job offers from two companies. The salary is even better than before, so I am super happy. It turns out the power of crystals is truly amazing."
"Due to the recent pandemic, I became unemployed a few months ago and had been struggling to find a job. Then, I noticed the popularity of crystals and decided to buy a green rutilated quartz bracelet to try it out. To my surprise, my next job interview went very smoothly, and I got hired. Now, I've even passed the probation period and everything has been going smoothly! 💪🏻"
"My company has over 200 employees, and naturally, with so many people, there are lots of conflicts. I bought a black rutilated quartz bracelet to try to ward off troublemakers. To my surprise, about a week after I started wearing it, the colleague I disliked the most was transferred to another department. Other colleagues also gradually started treating me differently, becoming more friendly!"
Miss Kwun
"Recently, my relationship with my husband has been unstable. One day, while passing by the Yoho branch, I chatted with the staff and realized that I had emotional issues and negative thoughts. The staff recommended that I buy a combination of moonstone and rhodochrosite to help control my thoughts and emotions. Now, I feel calmer, my negative energy has improved, and my relationship with my husband is getting better 🥰."
"I had applied for a job transfer and waited for 9 months without success. I asked the company many times, but they always said it wasn't approved. I had already given up hope. However, after wearing a Super Seven crystal for three weeks, my transfer got approved 😆🤘🏻."
Miss Cheung
"I heard that Ammolite attract wealth, and my husband loves horse racing. Immediately after placing the turbo shell, he started winning big! The first time, he won over a hundred thousand, and the second time, he won sixty thousand! 🤩 Now I'm really into Ammolite. They're truly powerful! Besides winning at the races, my husband has also been very successful in his career lately. More people are helping him, and business discussions are going smoothly."
"I've always had chronic insomnia. The store staff recommended that I wear moonstone to reduce stress and buy Herkimer diamond for meditation at home. They also suggested placing raw black tourmaline in the bedroom. After some time, I could see the effects: my insomnia gradually decreased, and I felt more energetic!"
Miss Chu
"After breaking up with my boyfriend, I felt very down and even suspected I had depression, often crying for no reason. Following a recommendation from the store staff, I bought a moonstone and wore it with a hopeful mindset. While chatting with the staff for a while, I suddenly received a WhatsApp message from my ex-boyfriend asking to meet up. I was so surprised and couldn't believe it was so effective!"
Miss Chan
"Since I was young, I've felt disturbed by spirits, and even my sleep was affected. Upon recommendation, I bought a 天鐵 bracelet and placed it beside my pillow while sleeping. Since then, I have been able to sleep peacefully through the night."
"Recently, my company assigned a task that all my colleagues knew was impossible to complete. I had no choice but to lead my team to do our best, thinking we would achieve as much as we could. Every day, I asked my Super Seven crystal for the task to be completed successfully. Unexpectedly, a miracle happened. Not only did we complete the task before the deadline, but we also received high praise from the company. Besides receiving a letter of commendation, my salary was also increased."
Miss Ng
"During the pandemic, with kids not needing to go to school and more time spent working from home, I experienced a significant increase in stress. One day, passing by a crystal shop, I was introduced to a Kunzite bracelet by the store attendant. After wearing it for a while, even my husband noticed that I wasn't as irritable as before, my mood had improved, and most importantly, I could sleep much better while wearing it. It's truly amazing how effective Kunzite can be! 🤩"
Mrs Chan
"The Garden Quartzquartz bracelet I had been wearing broke, so I needed to buy a new one. While choosing, I saw this one and immediately liked it. The sales staff said it's a red-Garden Quartzquartz, which also attracts helpful people. Within a week, the relationship with my colleagues, which had always been a bit distant, suddenly thawed significantly. Colleagues started actively discussing work with me and even talked about personal matters! Now, work is going much more smoothly. I also bought another one for a family member!"
Mr Leung
"I've been troubled by relationship issues recently, causing me a lot of stress. Initially, I wanted to buy morganite to enhance my love life, but after the store staff understood my situation, they suggested that rhodochrosite would be more suitable for my current needs. After wearing it for about three to four days, I genuinely felt happier and more open. My partner and I also reached a consensus on how to resolve our problems. It's truly amazing!"
Ms Lo
"I work in management and am a bit of a perfectionist, so I put a lot of pressure and high demands on myself. After a recommendation from the store staff, I bought a lepidolite crystal. It has clearly helped me relieve a lot of stress, made me happier, and improved my sleep."
"Every year, I buy myself a crystal from you guys as a birthday gift 😂. The first time, I bought a golden rutilated quartz and found a job. Later, I bought a moonstone and got married. Then, I bought a Super Seven and got a promotion!!"
Lilian Cheung
😔 My mom has cancer, and our whole family is very worried. We've tried everything, including Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and natural therapies, but nothing has improved her condition. After researching online, I found out that Sugilite is known for treating cancer, so we decided to give it a try. We ended up choosing a purple Sugilite bracelet at the store. Surprisingly, after wearing it for a short time, it turned black and lost its luster, looking completely different from when we first bought it. When we went back to the crystal shop, we learned that this is normal because the crystal absorbs the body's negative energy, especially from a toxic disease like cancer. Seeing how effective it was, I decided to buy another purple Sugilite bracelet for my mom, hoping it would help her. In less than three months, during a follow-up appointment, the doctor said her tumor had shrunk significantly. Even the doctor was surprised by such a dramatic improvement in such a short time.
Miss Ma
"I work in an office and sitting for long periods has caused a lot of pain in my lower back. One day, while passing by, I was attracted by a Herkimer diamond bracelet and went in to take a look. After talking with the staff, I learned that Herkimer diamonds can activate the seven chakras and alleviate pain. After buying it, I found that the pain seemed to lessen, and I felt much more relaxed overall."
"I work in the insurance industry with relatively limited experience. Seeing many peers using crystals and Feng Shui setups 🧐, I decided to give it a try. Bfter purchasing a golden rutilated quartz, I felt a significant increase in customer trust 🤩 and suddenly signed many more contracts. Later, I bought a Super Seven crystal, and everything started going smoothly 💪 with many more referrals from existing clients 😍."
Miss Lai
"At the beginning of the year, a friend introduced me to this crystal shop because I wanted to challenge myself for a promotion but was hesitant. I was worried that if I got promoted, the pressure would be too much and it would affect my work performance, and I might even lose my job. After a detailed consultation and recommendation from the store staff, I decided to buy a Super Seven crystal because it has strong and multifunctional energy. The store owner also taught me to make a wish with the crystal to get its help. After wearing it for about four months, I indeed got the promotion I wished for! I am very grateful to the store staff for their recommendation 👍🏻👍🏻."
Anna Chan
As a jewelry business owner, I was once lost 😭. Through my family, I came into contact with crystals and heard that they can improve one's aura ✨ and dispel negative energy. I also learned that Garden Quartzquartz can help with work and career, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a Garden Quartzquartz bracelet and a black tourmaline bracelet. Whether it was just a coincidence or not, I started receiving many orders from both new and old customers 🤩. 2019 was a miraculous year 👏, and 2020 was even more amazing 💪! I exceeded all my targets with a 400% growth, which was truly incredible 🔥.
Miss Cheung
"Last month, I wanted to buy a crystal bracelet to boost my husband's career 👩‍❤️‍👨. After understanding the details, the store staff explained that the Garden Quartzquartz 💚 is the most suitable for his current work needs. I thought it was worth a try, so I chose a 14mm one for him. By the end of the month, a client who initially wasn't going to renew their contract decided to renew 📑, bringing him an unexpected income 💵💵💵. He mentioned that his interactions and adaptability have been particularly smooth recently, and clients are very satisfied with the solutions he provides 💯."
「After wearing rainbow obsidian, I am able to sleep better without waking up in the middle of the night . I started wearing it all the time upon leaving the house. This is a very protective stone, it prevented me from picking up on others’ bad energy.」
"My daughter is naturally quite quiet and not very good at expressing herself, so I bought her an aquamarine bracelet. To my surprise, she started talking more and became more willing to express herself. The most amazing thing is that her morning sneezing and nasal allergy symptoms have reduced! It's super magical!"
Mrs Chan
"I had been job hunting for a year without success. My friends suggested I buy a crystal to help with my career luck, so I looked online for a crystal shop. The store staff recommended a green rutilated quartz bracelet. At first, I was very resistant because I don't like the color green. The staff explained that this is a functional crystal, and sometimes we shouldn't focus only on aesthetics. She was very confident that it could help me, so I trusted her. After wearing it for a little over a month, I finally found a job, and the new job suits me very well. I am extremely grateful!"
Mr Lee
"I saw many friends wearing crystals, so I wanted to get one for myself too. Three months ago, I bought a colorful phantom quartz bracelet. I loved its beautiful and not old-fashioned look, so I wore it every day. Amazingly, in these three months, I’ve been able to meet my work targets!"
Miss Liu
"I work in a restaurant, but due to the pandemic, I couldn't find a job and had nothing to do every day. So, I often wandered around shopping malls. One time, I passed by a crystal shop and chatted with the staff. The staff recommended a tourmaline bracelet and patiently explained its benefits, advising me to communicate my wishes to the crystal to help them come true. I was half-skeptical, but after wearing it for three days, I received a call notifying me to return to work. Although it's only a few hours a day, I was already very happy. On my first day back, my colleagues even complimented my tourmaline bracelet. I really appreciate the staff's recommendation."
Helen Tam
"Recently, I've seen many people online saying that Super Seven crystals are very powerful 😂. I thought they looked quite beautiful, so I bought one 😌. After wearing it, everything seemed to go more smoothly, and my negative energy decreased. I even got promoted within a few months 🎉. No wonder everyone wears Super Seven crystals 👍🏻."