Green rutilated quartz

Green rutilated quartz is a type of rutilated quartz where the "hairs" inside are mainly composed of two substances: green tourmaline and actinolite. The green tourmaline in green rutilated quartz is generally finer, forming smoother and thinner "hairs," which makes it easier to create a cat's eye effect. In contrast, rutilated quartz with more actinolite tends to be "harder," with thicker and straighter hairs. The varying proportions of these components create different forms of green rutilated quartz.

Benefits of Green Rutilated Quartz

Attract wealth and fortune

Green rutilated quartz is a natural crystal that can gather positive financial energy. Placing green rutilated quartz in your home or office can enhance your ability to attract and accumulate wealth.

Career Assistance

Wearing green rutilated quartz can help employees increase wealth and even achieve promotions. It is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs, frequent travelers, or those seeking career advancement.

Job Hunting Aid

It can inspire motivation and a positive attitude, encouraging individuals to embrace challenges and explore new horizons. Wearing green rutilated quartz jewelry can increase employment opportunities and receive favorable reviews from interviewers.

Temper Relief

Green rutilated quartz is effective in treating symptoms such as irritability, tension, and insomnia.

Green Rutilated Quartz Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

The energy of green rutilated quartz corresponds to the heart chakra among the seven chakras of the human body. It has healing effects for those with heart or lung system diseases. Additionally, green rutilated quartz can help open one's heart, face oneself, and have the courage to face more challenges, breaking through daily limitations.

How to Choose Green Rutilated Quartz

There are mainly two types of green rutilated quartz: classic green rutilated quartz with clearly visible hairs and cat's eye green rutilated quartz with fine hairs aligned in one direction, creating a cat's eye effect under light. The higher the density and the more prominent the cat's eye effect, the higher the quality.

How to Distinguish Green Rutilated Quartz from Green Phantom Quartz

Green rutilated quartz contains needle-like mineral inclusions that resemble hairs, whereas green phantom quartz contains volcanic mud of various colors, often appearing as clouds, water plants, or whirlpools.

How to Wear Green Rutilated Quartz

Generally, wear it on the left hand to absorb the energy of the green rutilated quartz. In critical moments, wear it on the right hand to further release the energy field of the green rutilated quartz to assist yourself.

Care Instructions

Green rutilated quartz should be treated like other crystals. Remove it when bathing to avoid contact with hot water.

If worn during the day, remove it at night to let it rest.

Purification Methods

Like other crystals, green rutilated quartz can be purified using crystal clusters or herkimer diamond. Note: We do not recommend using saltwater or crystal gravels for purification. For details, refer to the article on how to properly clean and purify your crystals.

Customer Success Stories

"I had my fortune read before, and the master suggested I wear wood-related crystals to improve my fortune. The store assistant recommended green rutilated quartz to help with my career and break through the status quo. I chose a green rutilated quartz bracelet that I felt connected to. After wearing it for about a month, colleagues who rarely communicated with me started to teach me things, and I felt a lot of support from those around me. Everything went smoothly."

"A few months ago, I bought a green rutilated quartz bracelet for my boyfriend, hoping to help his career development. In the first month of wearing it, he had noticeably more work to do. We wondered why he was suddenly so busy, but recently his boss offered him a position he had been aiming for. It turns out that the work he had been busy with was related to this opportunity. I'm glad I bought it; it was very useful."

"Due to the pandemic, I lost my job a few months ago and had trouble finding a new one. I bought a green rutilated quartz bracelet to try it out. Surprisingly, my next job interview went smoothly, and I was hired. I've now passed my probation period and everything has been going well."

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