Q: How can I get assistance if I have questions or encounter issues while ordering? 


A: You can email us at info@stylecrystal.com.hk or call/WhatsApp our customer service hotline at +852 9602 9647.


Q: How should I take care of my crystals daily?


A: It is recommended to remove crystal jewelry when bathing and sleeping. Crystals do not like hot water, and bath products contain chemicals that can damage them over time. Some crystals may also affect your sleep due to their energy fields. However, some crystals with gentle energies, like moonstone and aquamarine, can aid in sleep. If you wear crystals to bed, it is suggested to give them a rest during the day. We recommend letting your crystals rest for a few hours each day.


Q: I've heard crystals need to be cleansed. How do I cleanse my crystals?


A: Yes, cleansing your crystals periodically will help them perform at their best. Crystals purchased from our store can be cleansed for free in our shops. You can also buy a white crystal cluster or a Selenite stone to cleanse your crystals at home.


- Crystal Cluster: Simply place your crystals on the cluster for a few hours to cleanse them.

- Herkimer Diamond: Place the Herkimer Diamond in water (use clean water), and let it charge the water with energy for a few hours. Then place your crystals in the water for about 30 minutes (the time depends on the size and number of crystals).

* There are other methods for cleansing crystals. For details, please read "How to Cleanse Crystals".


Q: Is it true that crystals should not be touched by others?


A: It's almost inevitable that others will touch your crystals, but don't worry too much. Crystals won't be affected in such a short time. However, you should not give your worn crystals to others or lend them out. Crystals absorb information from the wearer, and after a period of time, they store this information. If someone else wears them, it might have positive or negative effects. Even after cleansing, it's not recommended to give your crystals to someone else.


Q: Which hand should I wear my crystal bracelet on?

A: Except for black or brown crystals that are primarily used for protection, removing negativity, or blocking bad luck (which should be worn on the right hand), most crystals should be worn on the left hand to maximize their effects. (According to the principle of "left in, right out" in energy work, wearing crystals on the left side helps absorb energy, while the right side helps expel negative energy.)


Q: Are your crystals natural?


A: Yes, they are natural. You can purchase with confidence.


Q: Can you provide certificates for your crystals?


A: Since obtaining a certificate from GIA comes with extra cost, we do not wish to impose the cost on customers. You can obtain a certificate from GIA or other major gemological institutions at your own expense. If the item proved to be disingenuous, we will refund completely. 


Q: Can you adjust the size of my crystal bracelet to fit my wrist?


A: Yes, just note your wrist size in the remarks.


Q: Can you adjust the size of my crystal ring to fit my finger?


A: Yes, just note your ring size in the remarks. Typically, size adjustments take about a week. (For urgent requests, please specify.)


Q: How do I measure my wrist/ring size?


  1. Use a string or strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist/finger comfortably.
    2. Mark the points where the ends meet.
    3. Measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler to determine your wrist size. For rings, refer to the corresponding chart to find your ring size.

* It is recommended to measure your wrist/ring size 3 to 4 times to avoid errors.

* You can also visit our store for a precise measurement service, which is free of charge.