Precious Tanzanite

Tanzanite, also known as Zoisite, is a semi-precious gemstone first discovered in Tanzania, Africa. It was named after its country of origin. The Kilimanjaro Mountain region in Eastern Tanzania, covering an area of 4 kilometers by 2 kilometers, is the only known source of Tanzanite. Due to long-term civil conflicts in the region, Tanzanite production is extremely limited, keeping its price consistently high.

Tanzanite in "Titanic"

Tanzanite gemstones come in blue or blue-violet colors, with the "true blue" Tanzanite being the most precious and often used as a substitute for sapphires. In the movie "Titanic," the blue necklace "Heart of the Ocean" worn by the leading actress was originally a blue diamond, but the production team used a 28-carat Tanzanite gemstone instead. Given Tanzanite's hardness and rarity, most pieces on the market are only a few carats, making the deep blue Tanzanite used in the movie of exceptionally high quality and likely very expensive.

December Birthstone

Tanzanite is the birthstone for December. It corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra. The Third Eye Chakra, located between the eyebrows, governs our focus and broad perspective, while the Throat Chakra is related to communication. Wearing Tanzanite can greatly aid in self-discovery and personal growth.

Benefits of Tanzanite

Enhancing Focus

If you find it difficult to stay focused at work, Tanzanite can help improve concentration, stimulate motivation, and enhance brain cell activity and memory, thereby increasing work efficiency.

Relieving Stress

In today's fast-paced world, stress and anxiety are common. Tanzanite helps relax tense and depressive emotions, making you feel more at ease.

Boosting Confidence

If you struggle with pessimism and fear when facing challenges, Tanzanite can help boost your confidence and guide you in the right direction.

Improving Social Connections

Known as the stone of social interactions, Tanzanite can attract positive relationships, help you find supportive people, and enhance your overall social luck.

How to Wear Tanzanite

According to the principle of "left in, right out," wearing Tanzanite on the left hand allows energy to flow smoothly into the body.

Maintenance Tips

Avoid strong impacts

If you engage in physical activities or move heavy objects, it is recommended to remove your Tanzanite jewelry to avoid damaging its structure due to external forces.

Avoid exposure to sweat and chemicals

Prolonged contact with sweat can damage the crystal structure. Additionally, avoid exposure to acidic and alkaline substances. It is advisable to remove Tanzanite jewelry when swimming, soaking in hot springs, or exercising.

Purification Method

You can use white crystal clusters or Herkimer diamonds for purification. It is recommended to place the Tanzanite near these crystals overnight for optimal cleansing.

Customer Success Stories

"Recently, I've seen Tanzanite frequently online and was attracted by its color. So, I went to a store to check it out. I noticed that a familiar salesperson was also wearing it. She said that Tanzanite is a type with depth and connotation. Of course, this strengthened my resolve to own a piece. During this time, the salesperson mentioned that it helps with self-assurance, focus, and wisdom... It seemed like it was made for me. After wearing it, I felt like many things suddenly made sense. It boosted my confidence and surprisingly, my luck also improved significantly. That's a bonus!"

"One day, I passed by the Mong Kok store and saw a beautiful Tanzanite bracelet. After a brief introduction by the salesperson, I decided to buy it. After wearing it for a week, my boss praised my organizational skills and noted that my communication and expression had improved. I was no longer ridiculed for my inarticulate speech by my colleagues. So, I came back to buy a Herkimer diamond to enhance its effect."

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