Easgle's Eye Quartz

Eagle's Eye quartz is a blue variant of Tiger's Eye quartz that is formed from an incomplete silicification process. It typically appears in blue and gray-blue colors, resembling an eagle's eye, hence the name "Eagle's Eye quartz." The strong silky luster and unique color patterns make Eagle's Eye quartz look like intricately patterned satin, elegant and luxurious. Eagle's Eye quartz has a unique function of accelerating the formation of desires and intentions. Using a polished spherical Eagle's Eye quartz for meditation and reflecting on one's wishes is the best way to utilize this characteristic. Regularly wearing Eagle's Eye quartz jewelry helps promote metabolism and nourish the bone marrow.

Benefits of Eagle's Eye quartz:

  • Stimulates courage and confidence, fostering a proactive and positive approach to life.

  • Accelerates the formation of desires, helping to manifest one's intentions.

  • Enables calm assessment of situations, allowing for decisive and clear judgment followed by action.

  • Strengthens one's energy field, wards off evil, ensures safety, and aids in expelling negative energy from the body.

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