The Origins of Coral Fishing

Records show that Mediterranean fishermen began collecting red coral for jewelry over two thousand years ago, marking the origins of the coral fishing industry. Early Mediterranean red coral made its way to China via the Silk Road and to India and Japan through maritime trade. During this period, gemstone coral was extremely rare and precious. Coral is considered one of the Seven Treasures in Buddhism, symbolizing the incarnation of Buddha. With the spread of Buddhism, coral became a treasured symbol of wealth and status in China, Japan, and Tibet.

Benefits of Coral

  • Prevents menstrual pain and other gynecological issues
  • Protects and promotes bone growth in children
  • Detects blood-related diseases; if the color of the coral lightens, it could indicate anemia, poor blood circulation, heart disease, or nervous system disorders, making it suitable for such patients
  • Supports the growth of skin, nails, and hair
  • Enhances the wearer's sensual appeal
  • Helps open the heart to accept love
  • Elevates spiritual awareness and sensitivity
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