【Make Friends Everywhere】Morganite's Origin and its Energy's Overview

Morganite - The Crystal for Popularity and Connection

Morganite's pinkish hue is highly attractive, and its effects are quite remarkable, making it a favorite among women. But did you know that the name Morganite comes from the banker J.P. Morgan, who was also a gem collector. To honor his financial support for the arts and sciences, his friend George Kunz named the pink beryl he discovered in 1910 after Morgan at a meeting of the New York Academy of Sciences.


Morganite, like Aquamarine, is a type of beryl, belonging to the same family. Because of this relationship, you often see Morganite and Aquamarine beads strung together in jewelry. Morganite is actually pink due to its manganese content. It often contains small amounts of rare metals like cesium and rubidium, giving it a higher density and refractive index.

Morganite Makes You More Popular

Morganite, with its gentle pink glow, makes it easy to meet new friends. Many customers report unexpected positive social interactions after wearing Morganite, such as colleagues suddenly being friendly or people initiating conversations at parties. Morganite makes you likable without making others overly clingy. It's especially suitable for those who frequently interact with clients or need to maintain good relationships with colleagues.


Morganite, like other crystals, can be damaged by hot water or high temperatures. Therefore, remove it when bathing to avoid contact with hot water. If you wear it during the day, take it off at night to let it rest.


Like other crystals, you can purify Morganite with a white quartz cluster or a Selenite. Note: We do not recommend purifying with saltwater or small stones. For more details, see How to Clean and Purify Your Crystals.

Customer Success Stories

"My daughter is usually very quiet and doesn't express herself well, so I bought her an Aquamarine bracelet. Surprisingly, she became more talkative and expressed herself more confidently. The most amazing thing is that her morning allergies and sneezing have decreased significantly. It's truly magical."

"My daughter used to be very quiet and didn't talk much. Her academic performance was average. I have been wearing crystals for a while, and during a cleansing session, the staff recommended Morganite for my daughter. After wearing it, she became more cheerful and active, even arranging to hang out with classmates after school. I also bought her an Amethyst to help with her studies."

"Recently, I went through a breakup, so I wanted to find a crystal to help me meet someone new. The shop staff recommended Morganite. Its colorful appearance caught my eye, and it was easy to match with my outfits, so I decided to give it a try. About a month later, I met a great guy. I hope Morganite continues to help me."

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